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You can find me over at SIS today chatting books and movies with my sisters and whoever chimes in.

In other news, I cooked today. No really. Okay. I used a crockpot, but I had to shop and then put all of the ingredients in the pot. It turned out really good. Some French low-fat recipe using Northern White Beans as the main ingredient. The end result reminded me just a tiny bit of the soup beans my mom used to make. Only I added escarole instead of ham. Oh, and sundried tomatoes and black olives. Also, it was creamier because of the two cheeses. Hmm. Actually, it was nothing like my mom's soup beans except for the beans and the fact that there was a lot of it. Did I mention it was delicious?

Working hard on the deadline book, but took a small break to upload a cute scene I caught with my new Flip. We should all get along like cats and dogs. At least this cat and dog. My fur-kids, Sadie and Nia.

P.S. Shut off the music on the 'slide' in the right column before watching my vid, otherwise you'll have clashing music!


Elle J Rossi said…
Stop lying. You didn't cook. You never cook. LOL. I need to pull out my crock pot and use it more often (translate to at all.) I don't think I've ever used it. Oh well, guess we're related or something.
Olga said…
Yay on cooking. I don't even know where my crock pot is by now. The recipe sounds delicious!

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