A Girl Can Dream

I want these clogs.
Why-oh-why do they have to be $136.00?! I know they're hand painted and the artist should be compensated fairly for his or her work--but dang. I'm not cheap, I swear. Just . . . frugal. A woman who does the happy dance when she finds a cool pair of shoes for $25.
Maybe I'll write a letter to Santa. Or... I could give up coloring/highlighting my hair for a couple of months.
Yeah. Right.
That does it. Tomorrow, I'm buying a lottery ticket.


Elle J Rossi said…
Better yet...Why don't you buy a pair of plain b;ack clogs and add some puff paint? Get creative!

Beth Ciotta said…
Have we not had this discussion? I have no artistic skill whatsoever! I'd ruin a perfectly good pair of black clogs. Although maybe with stencils.... Hmmm.
Amanda Roberts said…
Ooh, those are super cute! I'm thinking the same thing Elle mentioned. Plain black clogs + paint. Stencils would definitely work. You'd just have to coat them for protection. Maybe if you don't want to do it yourself, you could find a local friend who would like the challenge - and still save yourself a lot of money.
Elle J Rossi said…
OKay, I was kidding about puff paint although maybe you'd give it a come back! But I agree with Amanda, I'm sure you have a friend that would enjoy doing something like this and it would probably only cost you a bottle of wine.
Olga said…
Actually, Elle and Amanda had great ideas. Clogs indeed are cute, and if you really, really want them, there should be a way to get them!
flchen1 said…
Cute, Beth! Those are cute, and as Elle and Amanda said, I'm sure you could find a friend (or... some relatives? ;)) to help you create the clogs of your dreams!

BTW, belated happy anniversary to you and your sweetie! May you be celebrating another zillion wonderful years together!

And wow, that sounded like a pretty intense workshop you had to attend for work--yikes! Definitely fodder for some future plot, perhaps?

And since I hadn't been by in a while, I like the new look! Very chic! (As you always are!)
Mary Stella said…
Well, as I've noted several times, I lack the "lust for shoes" chromosome. So, I look at those clogs and think, "Cute, but not for that amount of money". Besides which, they'll be out of fashion next season.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, says the woman who wears sandals 355 days out of the year -- and only because she can't go barefoot everywhere.
B.J. said…
Hi Beth, I bet Bryanna could paint those shoes for you. She is a great artist. She is also into peace signs right now.

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