Furry Angels

I was down with the flu for the past two days. The first day I couldn't even get out of bed. Well, except to let the dogs out to do their thing and to make some hot tea and chicken soup for me. Other than that, I was in bed, sleeping mostly, for 24 hours. My dogs, Nia and Cheyenne stayed with me the entire time.

I was astonished.

Mostly, they cuddled beside me and slept too. Or they took turns laying on the floor next to the bed chewing on the bones/toys they'd dragged upstairs. But they never left the bedroom. Nor did they wrestle at any point like they usually do. It was as if they sensed I was sick and were there to comfort me. They did the same thing the second day. Today I'm feeling better and they're back to their mischievous selves.

Have you ever had anything like that happen? Do you think animals sense when their human isn't well?


Maria Zannini said…
Absolutely! One day when I was away, my hubby came down with the flu, on top of an inner ear infection. He was so dizzy he couldn't even stand.

He lay in bed for two days and was so dazed he couldn't even feed the dogs. (it had to be bad if he couldn't feed the dogs)

Our two girls never left him, and never asked for food. On the third day when a neighbor came by to take him to a doctor, he gave them some food but even then they waited by his bed until the neighbor showed up.

That's loyalty.

Glad you're feeling better. And glad you had furry angels watching over you.
Beth Ciotta said…
Maria, that's a FANTASTIC story. I'm so glad you shared. Indeed the fact that your girls hung in that third day, even after being given food--that's incredible devotion.

It also goes to show what loving caretakers you and your hubby must be. When truly loved, the bond between dogs and their humans is amazing.
Kathleen said…
Oh, yeah, Ms. Beth. Your babies were watching out for you!

Kooky as it may sound, I believed I had telepathy with my dog. (He's gone now. An amazing black lab.) And, I know i have it with my cat. If you want me to explain, I will . . . but I've already made myself sound like a fruit cake!
(BTW, it's me. Piks.)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Kathy!

You? A fruit? Never! :-) I'd love it if you explained the pychic link between you and your kity. I love that stuff!
Mary Stella said…
All animals are excellent at reading body language. It's how they assess what to expect from the other animals (including humans)around them. They pick up the clues, interpret them, and then react accordingly.

I have no doubt that Nia and Cheyenne knew something was up. Did they realize that your regular energy was absent so they didn't respond to it with energy of their own, quite likely.
Beth Ciotta said…
That make a lot of sense, Mary. And since you know so much about animal behavior, I'm sure you're right!

Thanks for the insight.
flchen1 said…
Aww... I'm so sorry you've been down and out! I do think animals can sense all kinds of things, and I'm glad yours stuck by you to give you comfort! Glad you're better :)
Elle J Rossi said…
I know it sounds crazy but some of my best childhood memories are those of my hanging out on the couch, sick, with my dog Tippy snuggled up against me.

tigrisgalaxy said…
Dear Beth...have you ever thought of writing The Chameleon Chronicles by Arch's point of view? The enigmatic Scot is someone I'd love to get into the head of.

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