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When it Rains, It Pours... and other stuff

A couple of days ago, I received the AAs (author alterations aka gallies) for OUT OF EDEN, my April 2010 release from HQN. For those who don't know, it's the last phase before the story goes to print. My last chance to check for typos. The deadline, the date HQN needs my changes back--November 16. The same day my draft of INTO THE WILD--my September 2010 release is due.

I had to laugh. It was that or cry. When it rains it pours.

In other news, even though I'm here sporadically, I'm always at Sisters in Sync. Today we're discussing scary movies in honor of Halloween, but skim all of our posts. They're fun!

Speaking of Halloween, I have to work at the library tomorrow. The staff is dressing up. I have two closets full of costumes, thanks to my previous life as a character actress. I spied one of four poodle skirts and thought it might be fun to be a bobby soxer... but then I'd have to look for my saddle oxfords and a matching sweater.

Ooh! I have an authentic 60s…

This and That

You can find me over at SIS today chatting books and movies with my sisters and whoever chimes in.

In other news, I cooked today. No really. Okay. I used a crockpot, but I had to shop and then put all of the ingredients in the pot. It turned out really good. Some French low-fat recipe using Northern White Beans as the main ingredient. The end result reminded me just a tiny bit of the soup beans my mom used to make. Only I added escarole instead of ham. Oh, and sundried tomatoes and black olives. Also, it was creamier because of the two cheeses. Hmm. Actually, it was nothing like my mom's soup beans except for the beans and the fact that there was a lot of it. Did I mention it was delicious?

Working hard on the deadline book, but took a small break to upload a cute scene I caught with my new Flip. We should all get along like cats and dogs. At least this cat and dog. My fur-kids, Sadie and Nia.

P.S. Shut off the music on the 'slide' in the right column before watching my vid, …

Furry Angels

I was down with the flu for the past two days. The first day I couldn't even get out of bed. Well, except to let the dogs out to do their thing and to make some hot tea and chicken soup for me. Other than that, I was in bed, sleeping mostly, for 24 hours. My dogs, Nia and Cheyenne stayed with me the entire time.
I was astonished.
Mostly, they cuddled beside me and slept too. Or they took turns laying on the floor next to the bed chewing on the bones/toys they'd dragged upstairs. But they never left the bedroom. Nor did they wrestle at any point like they usually do. It was as if they sensed I was sick and were there to comfort me. They did the same thing the second day. Today I'm feeling better and they're back to their mischievous selves.
Have you ever had anything like that happen? Do you think animals sense when their human isn't well?

A Girl Can Dream

I want these clogs. Bad. Why-oh-why do they have to be $136.00?! I know they're hand painted and the artist should be compensated fairly for his or her work--but dang. I'm not cheap, I swear. Just . . . frugal. A woman who does the happy dance when she finds a cool pair of shoes for $25. Maybe I'll write a letter to Santa. Or... I could give up coloring/highlighting my hair for a couple of months. Yeah. Right. That does it. Tomorrow, I'm buying a lottery ticket.