Kate Duffy -- One of a Kind

Yesterday, I learned a romance industry giant, a woman I called friend, passed away. Kate Duffy, Executive Editor at Kensington Publishing is no longer with us. I still can't believe it.

I'm not sure that I could write a fitting tribute, but other's have. I'll share posts that touched me most. Mary Stella spoke my heart. Kate was a mutual friend of ours. Sarah Wendell's lovely tribute prompted over 100 comments, many of them showing just how beloved Kate was. Lastly Squawk Radio re-ran an interview with Kate and boy does her one-of-a-kind personality shine through.

If you google, I'm sure you'll find mention of Kate Duffy all over the net today. That's how revered she was by the romance industry. I cherish every moment I shared with her.

Just one of many great times. A dinner party with friends, hosted by Kate. She's the one next to me (2nd from your right) Cheers, Kate!


Olga said…
I can't believe she's no longer with us either...
Elle J Rossi said…
I didn't know her but I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. From what I've read, she touched many lives.


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