Spring Into Fall

Well, folks, it's September 1st which pretty much represents the end of the summer for me. It is not, however, the end of this blog hiatus. Here's the scoop.

I'm currently juggling proposals for two new stories, one a series, line edits and galleys for Out of Eden (coming spring from HQN) and the first draft of Into the Wild (coming fall 2010--HQN). That's a lot of wordspinning and it all has to be done by November. Time is limited to say the least. Although, I won't be here much, you can keep up with me via my Twitter Updates located in the left sidebar. You can also find me at
Sisters In Sync -- Creative Chaos. In fact, I'd love it if you join me there. Everyday's a new adventure.

Until my next random post.... Happy reading!


Olga said…
See you at SIS blog, Beth!

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