Shedding Pounds and Gaining Momentum

I need to lose some weight. When my stretchy pants and my too-baggy jeans don't fit quite right . . . when it takes effort to button the waistband . . . time to readjust my eating habits. I refuse to buy the next size up.

Re-adjusting my current eating habits means giving up my daily Peppermint Patty and Lipton Iced Tea. For weeks now that's been my mid-day treat. Now it has to be water and a piece of fruit.

It means giving up sausage, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches and eating cereal or two hard boiled eggs and a glass of V8.

It means making recipes from my Weight Watcher cookbook instead of ordering Chinese Take-out. And if I do waver and order Chinese, instead of my favorite dishes I have to get the steamed chicken and veggie dish which wouldn't be so bad except it has NO FLAVOR!

It means making my own soup (a super duper low cal, no salt Weight Watcher's soup) from scratch instead of nuking my beloved Progresso soup.

All in all it means willpower plus extra time and effort on my part, but I did Weight Watchers last summer and I lost 16 pounds! I'd be pleased this time around if I just lost ten. Wish me luck.

In other news, I'm banging away at my current deadline book, Into the Wild, coming in September 2010 from HQN. As with all my stories, this one's evolving a bit differently than I'd first envisioned. I've learned not to fight change, to go with the flow. The writing is most alive, most real, when I allow my creative fires to burn unchecked. I'm gaining momentum as I resist my internal editor and give over to the inner creative maniac.

In other, other news, I hope to able to share the cover of my April 2010 release, Out of Eden, very soon! Just waiting for my editor to send the final tweaked version. I think it's a splendid cover. Can't wait to show you!

In did-we-really-need-to-know-that news... What's up with Mackenzie Phillips new tell-all book?

In how-cool-would-that-be news.... Apparently they're prepping James Cameron's Titanic for a new 3-D release!

What's 'news' with you?


Charlene said…
Go, Beth, let the inner maniac have her way. *g* Those impulses are always dead on. Weight Watchers, sigh. I should be pulling out my two WW cookbooks, too. : ( Or quit saying I want to lose 20 pounds and just deal!

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