Happy Anniversary to Me!

Seventeen years of wedded bliss to a truly amazing (and super funny) man.


I love you, Steve!


Maria Zannini said…
Congratulations! You make a beautiful couple!
Barb said…
Sorry, Don't know what happened there.

Love you both!
Jen said…
Oh you guys are such a beautiful couple! And Beth, you haven't aged AT ALL!!! CONGRATS!
Sher said…
Seventeen years? In a row? To the same person? Congratulations!
sharon w. said…
Congratulations, Steve and Beth!
These days it isn't easy making a marriage work. Keep up the good work.
Roni said…
Happy Anniversary! You both look GREAT! Wishing you many more!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for the well wishes, all! We had a fantastic anniversary. Looking forward to many more. :)
Olga said…
Sorry to chime in late, but Happy Anniversary! 17 years of wedded bliss is amazing and wonderful! Congratulations!

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