Back in the Sadddle

It was a whirlwind summer and early fall. Full of good stuff, bad stuff, and crazy stuff. Stuff that kept me from blogging on a regular basis. But because of my new template (thanks, Barb!) and a rejuvenating trip to Wyoming (thanks, Barb!), I'm back in the saddle again.

That's my sister Barb (aka Elle J Rossi) on the left and me on the right. We recently indulged in a sisterly writer retreat/adventure. Wahoo!

But I digress. Where was I? Ah, yes.

What to expect given my 'new look'.

Not much.


I wouldn't want to lead you on. Life is hectic beyond manageable. So I'll post when I can. And be as interesting as I can. Man, that sounds a lame. But it's honest!

On my immediate plate: Writing an article on the photographer/illustrator team of Fortin and Sanders for the December issue of Romantic Times Magazine. Due, er, Wednesday.

Wrapping up my next HQN (Harlequin release) due November 15.

Sounds far away. Trust me it isn't.

Also... I need to get my eyebrows waxed. My dogs need a bath. Oh, and there's the books I haven't mailed to blog winners (YES, I'm mortified!!), the synopsis on a new series that my agent's waiting for and the books I'm jonesing to read.

What's on your immediate plate? List away!


Elle J Rossi said…
Hey? Are you busy? Just kidding! Best of luck on all the projects. I'm certain you'll prevail. Good to know that your deadline for ITW is my birthday. That way I know you won't forget me.

Barb aka Elle J Rossi
Beth Ciotta said…
By golly my deadline IS on your birthday! Of course I'll be braindead that day....

Just call me and sing happy birthday to yourself. That'll jog my memory. ;)
Olga said…
Beth, you do have a lot on your immediate plate! When do you sleep? Btw, the trip looks very exciting!
Beth Ciotta said…
Olga, the trip was very exciting. I'd love to share ALL of the pics but there are over 300! LOL

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