Yes, folks. I have been missing in action for two months. At least from here. I've been buried with numerous writing projects and personal issues. My time and energy are crunched. The group blog that I started with two of my sisters (um, two months ago) really took off. I'm there daily, hence why I am not here. This blog is on stand-by until the fall, with the exception of a special guest blog appearance by Harlequin Spice author, Amanda McIntyre, on Tuesday, August 25. Mark the date!

In the meantime, enjoy my archive and/or join me at Sisters in Sync--Creative Chaos!


Sisters-in-Sync said…
I'd like to say I'm sorry we took you away from your on site but I'm having to much fun over at SIS to really mean it!

Anonymous said…
hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/
Olga said…
The SIS blog is great! Beth, it's totally understable about MIA. But of course, I'll also look forward to your coming back!
flchen1 said…
Totally understandable, Beth! Thanks for sharing so much fun with us! Heading over to SIS to say hi there :)

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