SIS and Stuff

It's Tuesday. Why didn't somebody tell me?! Almost missed it... as far as posting here goes.

Never have I been so overwhelmed with personal and professional challenges, but I am energized. And I am happy. So there must be a silver lining.

A huge thank you to everyone who hopped over to
Sisters in Sync, a new bright and shiny blog featuring moi along with two of my five sisters. The turnout has been fabulous. So much fun! Tomorrow Brenda, the second to the oldest sister (me being the oldest, bleh.), shares her very first blog post ever. It's good. Really good. (I got a sneak preview). Please stop over and give her a shout. Oh, and I'm giving away books. See you there!


Olga said…
Beth, Sisters in Sync is fabulous! And glad you're feeling energized!
Hisle said…
Thanks for inviting me to do SIS with you. I am having a blast!!!
flchen1 said…
It is totally fabulous--I've so much enjoyed getting to know you through your blog, Beth, and the chance to hang out with you and two of your sisters is just too much fun to miss! ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Olga, Barb, and Fedora...I'm having a fabulous time at SIS, too! Thank you for being there with me!

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