A New Venture and Free Books!

I'm thrilled to announce that on Monday, June 15, I'll be joining with two (out of my five) sisters to launch a joint venture. A new blog entitled Sisters in Sync -- Creative Chaos. Here's a blip about us...

Three sisters traveling the same artistic path. Beth, Brenda, and Barb are professional singers who are now pursuing a joint passion in publishing. Join us as we discuss the entertainment industry--music, movies, and books--as well as our struggles and triumphs as writers.

You can read more about us at SIS Scoop.

I know. I know. Like the world needs anther blog. But this will be informative and fun. Plus it's not just about us. It's about music, book, and movies in general. Join us and put in your two cents on our reccomendations, plus chime in with your own. Barb starts the fun on Monday plus I'm giving away signed copies of my books. Mark the date and join the fun!


flchen1 said…
Ooh, how totally fun! Can't wait to visit Monday! You three are going to rock!! Thanks for letting us all know :)
Tori Lennox said…
Sounds like great fun!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Fedora and Tori! We'll be so thrilled if you hop over. Thank you!!
Olga said…
Sounds great, Beth! I'll mark the calendar!

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