The Romantic Times Adventure (in photos)

I missed two weeks of blogging due to being away at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and then, after returning home EXHAUSTED, trying to catch up with work, writing, and life. I still haven't caught up. So instead of putting energy into a thoughtful post, I'm going to share a few pictures (taken by my friend, Mary Stella) from RT. In a nutshell, I spoke on three workshop panels, rehearsed and appeared in Heather Graham's Mystery Musical, co-hosted the Mr. Romance Competition, and signed at the Bookfair. Oh, and had a lot of fun with new and old friends.
The photo above: Me at the bookfair, signing copies of Romancing the West, The Fall of Rome, and Evie Ever After!

At the Fairy Ball with friends, authors, and co-actors in Heather's production: Alexandra Sokoloff, Kathy Love, F. Paul Wilson, and Mary Stella.

Dancing at the Fairy Ball with the nutty, but oh-so-talented author, J.A.Konrath. You can't see it here, but Joe has fairy wings duct taped to his back!

In Heather's Count Drake-ula show: Me, and authors, Harley Jane Kozak and Alex Sokoloff. Don't you just love our vampirette wigs?

In Heather Graham's Show. That's Heather in red! An awesome writer AND she sings, acts and dances! My kind of gal.

Hosting the Mr. Romance Competition with co-host and friend, Mark Johnson (Mr. Romance 1996)

Posing with the Mr. Romance contestants. We're all looking in different directions because there were about 100 people taking pictures!
Dorchester Publishing threw a Beach Bash Party. A few of my best writing buds and I went as a syncronized swimming team. Yes, we're geeks. But fun geeks. (I blame Kathy Love and Erin McCarthy. *g*) Pictured L to R, Mary Stella, Erin McCarthy, Kathy Love, Heather Graham, me, Alex Sokoloff, and our Coach, F. Paul Wilson.

Oh, and here's the rear view!I hope to share some fun stories soon. Meanwhile, I've got a book to write!


Olga said…
Awesome pics, Beth! Thanks for sharing!
Barb said…

Love the hair and the glasses. Both look great!
flchen1 said…
Thanks for sharing the photos! Looking forward to hearing more of the stories :)
Long time no read..I've been away...padded room and men in white coats...well, no....I finished my novel and launched a website....JOE KONRATH is coming to see me on Tuesday june 9th!!!!!! Will you alert your minions? I'm trying to get him to do a now and again interview on the site again. March was sooooo much fun!!!(thanks for the pic of you guys dancing)
come in and see me.
(I just read Evie ever after..LOVED IT! we need to talk about men with scottish accents..yum)

Karen from mentor

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