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They say blogging isn't for everyone... or that everyone shouldn't blog. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm one of those people. I used to blog everyday, and loved it. But my life has changed over the last few years. I no longer have the time or energy to pour into entertaining or informative posts. And to blog anything else seems trite. I've been feeling really trite lately. I may have to rethink this blog... or blogging in general.


In furkid news: The new pup, Nia, has totally wormed her way into our hearts--even though she's a little devil. Every one should be so happy-go-lucky. Even Cheyenne (the-sensitive-dog) and Sadie (the-crazy-cat) have warmed to her.

In writing news: This weekend I'm going to attend BEA in NYC. Very excited. Mostly, I'll be cruising the show, checking out various authors and books, snatching up some amazing reads, and catching up with friends in the pub business. I'm looking forward to lunch with my agent and HQN editor, two talented and dynamic women. Also looking forward to some romantic evenings with my husband. Yup. Steve's joining me for this weekend trip. Yay!

In other writing news: I'm currently awaiting the revision letter on Out of Eden. Should be here any day. Gearing up for rewrites.

Meanwhile, I'm in the thick of Into the Wild--my romantic jungle/cloud forest adventure and loving it! Sort of a Romancing the Stone meets Indiana Jones. Sort of. Must confess, though research intensive, I'm having a blast!

Also came up with a new idea for what I hope will be my next contemporary Rom-Com adventure. Love that too, and so does my agent. More on that later.

Lastly, my brain is buzzing absolutely BUZZING on two seperate series ideas--both otherwordly. Both ideas have been in my brain for almost two years now. Time to do something about it. I just have to decide if I want them to be paranormal romance or urban fantasy with a romantic element. Big difference.

On another note, Evie Ever After has only been out since March and I'm already thinking four stories down the line. Crazy.

Until next Tuesday... Cheers!

* SPECIAL NOTE--Only 5 days left to bid on things I (and many other writers, agents and editors) donated to Brenda Novak's sooooo worthy auction. Look in the right column and click on a link. Hurry!


Hisle said…
Ever think of having a guest blogger to lighten up your blogging load?

Have fun in NY, sounds like it'll be a great weekend!
Beth Ciotta said…
Guest blogger, huh? Are you volunteering, Barb? :)
flchen1 said…
Ooh... you're sounding busy, busy, Beth! That usually doesn't mesh super well with frequent blogging, but I still enjoy your updates! And woohoo! Sounds like you're not lacking at all for ideas--that sounds like lots of great books to come for us!! :)

Must go re-check those auction items... ;)
Olga said…
I agree, guest blogger might be a great idea. I'd hate for this wonderful blog to stop exist. And wow on so many projects! That's impressive!
Natalie Acres said…
Hey Beth,

I agree with Hisle. Guest blogging is a great idea. Congratulations on your busy schedule and success.

Natalie Acres

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