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Musings and Updates

They say blogging isn't for everyone... or that everyone shouldn't blog. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm one of those people. I used to blog everyday, and loved it. But my life has changed over the last few years. I no longer have the time or energy to pour into entertaining or informative posts. And to blog anything else seems trite. I've been feeling really trite lately. I may have to rethink this blog... or blogging in general.


In furkid news: The new pup, Nia, has totally wormed her way into our hearts--even though she's a little devil. Every one should be so happy-go-lucky. Even Cheyenne (the-sensitive-dog) and Sadie (the-crazy-cat) have warmed to her.

In writing news: This weekend I'm going to attend BEA in NYC. Very excited. Mostly, I'll be cruising the show, checking out various authors and books, snatching up some amazing reads, and catching up with friends in the pub business. I'm looking forward to lunch with my agent and HQN e…


Ah, yes. Once again, best intentions go awry. I had intended to blog about some of my RT conference adventures. Thing is, I’m overwhelmed. Again. Juggling revisions on one book while working feverishly on the next deadline book. Plus, I’m writing a proposal for a future book. All of that after I get home from the day job. And that doesn’t include answering emails or handling other writing biz or spending time with my husband or pets. No time or energy to write much of a blog post… only a ramble. Ramble over.

See you next Tuesday!


The Dash

How many times do we use a hyphen, a dash, in our writing? I use it quite a bit, but not without thought. That dash (-) always means something very specific to me. However, after receiving an email and link from my sister, Barb, I don't think I'll ever look upon the dash (-) the same way again.

Click hereto see what I mean.

It really got me thinking. About life. Happiness. One thing I'm adding to my dash? A trip to Italy with my sister. How about you? What are you adding to your dash?

The Romantic Times Adventure (in photos)

I missed two weeks of blogging due to being away at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and then, after returning home EXHAUSTED, trying to catch up with work, writing, and life. I still haven't caught up. So instead of putting energy into a thoughtful post, I'm going to share a few pictures (taken by my friend, Mary Stella) from RT. In a nutshell, I spoke on three workshop panels, rehearsed and appeared in Heather Graham's Mystery Musical, co-hosted the Mr. Romance Competition, and signed at the Bookfair. Oh, and had a lot of fun with new and old friends. The photo above: Me at the bookfair, signing copies of Romancing the West, The Fall of Rome, and Evie Ever After!
At the Fairy Ball with friends, authors, and co-actors in Heather's production: Alexandra Sokoloff, Kathy Love, F. Paul Wilson, and Mary Stella.

Dancing at the Fairy Ball with the nutty, but oh-so-talented author, J.A.Konrath. You can't see it here, but Joe has fairy wings duct taped to his back!

The Joy of Giving (and receiving)

It's that time of year, folks! Publishing professionals are joining and donating an array of fabulous gifts and services to be auctioned off for a very worthy cause.
Please hop over to Brenda Novak's 2009 Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research and bid on one or several of the fabulous prizes donated by editors, agents, and writers from multiple genres. For my personal contributions, look at the sidebar to your right. Have fun, good luck, and thank you!