Call Me Taz

Publication schedules are funny things. Evie Ever After came out just last month. I turned in Out of Eden, a Spring 2010 release, last week. And last night I started writing Into the Wild, my Fall 2010 release. On top of that, my brain is spinning on what stories to propose next. As you can see, publishing companies work pretty far into the future, so I need to submit some ideas ASAP for 2011. I'm beginning to feel like the the Tasmanian Devil.

In order to make my next deadline, which is zooming up fast, I'm going to try something new--commiting to so many pages per day six days a week. I officially started last night...and I'm already two pages behind. Gak! However, that was because it took me so flipping long to find the right beginning. Although today I thought of a better beginning. Which I'm off to write now.
Have a great week everyone!


Olga said…
Beth, your schedule is very tight! Best of luck on your next project!
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