Where I've Been and Where You Are

I almost missed Topical Tuesday.


Posting before midnight counts, right? Here’s the thing. I’m working and writing, working and writing. Oh, and promoting. Although that’s died down a bit. It had to. Because of the writing. Same ol’, same ol’, gang. Not enough time in the day. Responsibilities and priorities and all that.

Anyhoo, I just had to pop in so you wouldn’t give up on me, or rather my blog. I will be back. Soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten some really awesome reviews on EVIE EVER AFTER. Color me thrilled and relieved. As the third and final book of the series, I was more than a little nervous about the reception. Here’s a sample of feedback thus far.

"Ciotta pulls out all the stops as she follows
All About Evie (2007) and Everybody Loves Evie (2008) with another winner!" — Lynne Welch, Booklist

"The twists of this clever plot keep all the characters hopping. Ciotta deserves major kudos for creating such an array of memorable characters and such a fun-filled series. 4 1/2 stars! --Jill Smith, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"I enjoy Ciotta’s trademark humor, her skill with love scenes, and most of all, her characters.... readers of the series will be thrilled for Evie and the choices she makes." 5 stars!-- Julie, GOODREADS

“I loved this! So often, a trilogy is uneven; one of the books really grabs my attention and at least one is a disappointment. This series just got better and better, and the ending was even better than I hoped it would be." 5 stars! --Librarian and Book Reviewer (liberry lady), SHELFARI

"Evie Ever After, is a terrific book by Beth Ciotta. I found the characters fun and engaging, the dialogue witty and I truly loved the movie quotes. A great read and a wonderful series." 4 1/2 stars! --Karen, Manic Reader

And then there are the fantabulous emails from readers! I’m truly over the moon and counting my blessings. I’m also backed up on the next story that was due . . . never mind. Hopefully, by next Tuesday I’ll be free of that. No, I WILL be free of that.

What about you? What’s sapping your time lately?


Olga said…
Congrats on great reviews, Beth! And I agree with everything they say!
sharon w.l said…
Outstanding reviews, Beth! Like I've said before, you get better and better, each story. The hard work shows, even if all the craziness makes you nuts.
Also, it sounds as if you're having a good time, too.
flchen1 said…
Woohoo! Those are fabulous reviews, Beth--even though you've been hearing it from your fans, it's good to hear it "officially" too! Glad there's an end in sight to the craziness (for now ;))

As for what's been making me crazy? My children's school's having a big fundraising dinner Saturday and I'm working furiously on the program... I'll be glad when Sunday rolls around :)
Charlene said…
Yay, Beth! Looking forward to reading this at last. : ) My time goes to writing, kids, writing, the house, writing, laundry, etc. Speaking of which, I should be writing.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the awesome support, ladies. Much apreciated!! Sorry for my delay in responding. It's been another crazy week.

Olga... :-) Thank you!

Sharon, a fabulous compliment. Thanks so much.

Fedora, I hope the fundraiser went well. :)

Charlene, hang in there!

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