Letting Go and Looking Forward

Last week I said two goodbyes. One sad. One happy. Both involved a rainbow of emotions.

Where losing my beloved dog Billie was concerned, I went from devastated to sad to depressed to numb to resigned. This week I'm able to focus more on wonderful memories than her sad absence. My new favorite cliche: Time heals.

The other goodbye involved pushing through my grief (and what proved to be a difficult story all the way around) to finish my next book Out of Eden. That involved some intensive almost round-the-clock writing. I went from stressed to panicked to determined to delirious to inspired and lastly to elated. I not only got to the end, I really liked the end. In my sleep-deprived delirium, I rediscovered the joy of that story and was very pleased with what I turned in.

And over the moon to say goodbye.

This week is a breathing week. I'm catching up on a lot of things that fell through the cracks over the last month. I'm also catching up on pleasure reading, watching some movies with my husband, and doing some 'me' stuff like getting a manicure and contemplating a new hairstyle. (Why is it that after working so hard to grow out my bangs, I always then want to chop new bangs?!) I'm also simmering on my next story... Into the Wild. Hoping to dip my toes into that jungle adventure this weekend. Ah, the anticipation.

Here's to letting go and looking forward.

What about you? Something exciting on the horizon? Please share!


flchen1 said…
Wow, good for you, Beth! I'm glad time's doing its healing thing and glad that you've got lots of terrific memories of times with Billie. And I'm very excited to hear you've finished your next book! What's Out of Eden about? Is it part of a series? Into the Wild? Eager readers (OK, this eager reader!) want to know!

As for me... we enjoyed a relaxing weekend on an Easter retreat, and admit I'm already looking forward to spring break with the kids off from school. It isn't for a couple more weeks, but woohoo! And in the longer term, our youngest will be starting preschool this fall--that'll be huge! :)
Tori Lennox said…
Nothing exciting going on around here. My life is dull as dishwater. *g*
Lostcheerio said…
Yes. Something exciting is on the horizon. I had a big idea today. The kind that sits like a conch shell on the beach when you've been picking at little bits of sand, and then you look up, and there it is.
Olga said…
Once again, lots of hugs, and I hope time will heal indeed. Congrats on turning the book you're happy with! And I second the question, What Out of Eden is about?

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