And the Fuzzy Navel goes to...

Kaye Manro!
Congratulations, Kaye! You've won a copy of JA Konrath's FUZZY NAVEL (the 5th book in his thriller Jack Daniels series). Please forward a mailing address to so I can send you this awesome read!Thank you to every one who stopped by and to those who commented. And a special thanks to JA Konrath/Jack Kilborn who really heated things up here at my blog. What fun!
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JA Konrath said…
Thanks again for having me, Beth.

The thread from my post is still going, and I'm still participating in it. I found Wayne's comments worth replying to, and I was also incredibly amused by a certain someone's post.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks so much for being here, Joe. Your post was not only entertaining but opened up some interesting conversations.

Also, I heard privately from our Fuzzy Navel winner, Kaye. She's thrilled!

Off to read your other posts...
Olga said…
Awesome post, and congrats to the winner!

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