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Letting Go and Looking Forward

Last week I said two goodbyes. One sad. One happy. Both involved a rainbow of emotions.

Where losing my beloved dog Billie was concerned, I went from devastated to sad to depressed to numb to resigned. This week I'm able to focus more on wonderful memories than her sad absence. My new favorite cliche: Time heals.

The other goodbye involved pushing through my grief (and what proved to be a difficult story all the way around) to finish my next book Out of Eden. That involved some intensive almost round-the-clock writing. I went from stressed to panicked to determined to delirious to inspired and lastly to elated. I not only got to the end, I really liked the end. In my sleep-deprived delirium, I rediscovered the joy of that story and was very pleased with what I turned in.

And over the moon to say goodbye.

This week is a breathing week. I'm catching up on a lot of things that fell through the cracks over the last month. I'm also catching up on pleasure reading, watching some mov…

In Loving Memory

Even though her independent streak was sometimes a challenge...

Billie Ciotta was one of the most loving and affectionate dogs I have ever known.

We adopted Billie from a rescue shelter when she was 2 and had her with us for 14 years. Steve and I were very fortunate to have such a vibrant creature in our lives for so long. She filled our house and hearts with joy and love. She was the best big sister in the world to our other adopted dog, Cheyenne.
And even tolerated, our ornery, but loving cat, Sadie.

Yes, indeed, we were blessed. Still, even though old age finally got the best of her, it was very hard to let go. So very sad.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our beloved Billie-Boo, aka Billie-Schmoopala, aka Queen Billie... but she will live in our hearts forever. She was always an explorer at heart and now she's exploring the great beyond. Rock on, Billie. We love you!

Where I've Been and Where You Are

I almost missed Topical Tuesday.


Posting before midnight counts, right? Here’s the thing. I’m working and writing, working and writing. Oh, and promoting. Although that’s died down a bit. It had to. Because of the writing. Same ol’, same ol’, gang. Not enough time in the day. Responsibilities and priorities and all that.

Anyhoo, I just had to pop in so you wouldn’t give up on me, or rather my blog. I will be back. Soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten some really awesome reviews on EVIE EVER AFTER. Color me thrilled and relieved. As the third and final book of the series, I was more than a little nervous about the reception. Here’s a sample of feedback thus far.

"Ciotta pulls out all the stops as she follows All About Evie (2007) and Everybody Loves Evie(2008) with another winner!" — Lynne Welch, Booklist

"The twists of this clever plot keep all the characters hopping. Ciotta deserves major kudos for creating such an array of memorable characters and such a fun-filled se…

Dressing The Part

"Dressing the part to get in character. My life in fishnets and fairy wings." Did I tweak your interest? Read the rest of my post and join in the fun over at Romance Novel TV!

And the Fuzzy Navel goes to...

Kaye Manro! Congratulations, Kaye! You've won a copy of JA Konrath's FUZZY NAVEL (the 5th book in his thriller Jack Daniels series). Please forward a mailing address to so I can send you this awesome read!Thank you to every one who stopped by and to those who commented. And a special thanks to JA Konrath/Jack Kilborn who really heated things up here at my blog. What fun! For more thrills, follow Joe on his blog tour by checking his daily links at A Newbies Guide to Publishing

Thriller/Horror Writer gets Sexy

How's that for an intriguing headline? It's true though. And it's happening right here. Today. When I found out thriller/horror writer JA Konrath/Jack Kilborn was embarking on a blog tour to promote his new book AFRAID, I jumped at the chance to feature him here. In addition to writing under two different names, Joe also writes one heck of an industry blog--A Newbies Guide to Publishing--a must for all writers.
Whoever he is, Joe/JA/Jack, he's always entertaining. This year he'll be attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. If you're attending, like me, you'll get to meet him! Make sure to attend one of his workshops. The man's a natural-born charmer, er, teacher. You'll also be able to purchase one of his books at Saturday's bookfair. If you ask nice, I bet he'll even sign it. :)
Anyway, I asked Joe why a thriller/horror writer would want to attend a convention that focuses on romantic fiction. His response was entertaining--as I …

And the winner is...

Congratulations Nichole L! You are the final winner in my Pre-Evie Celebration. Woo-hoo! Please email me at and include your mailing address so I can send you your copy of Evie Ever After. I want to thank every one who commented over the last month. I had no idea my deleted scenes would create such interest. Your thoughts and enthusiasm made me feel like a million dollars. Especially appreciated while under the pressure of a deadline. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Three Faces of Evie, er Beth

Official release day for Evie Ever After. Woo-hoo! I'm guest blogging at NYT Bestseller Charlotte Hughes' digs. (Thank you, Charlotte!) Swing on by!
"Ciotta pulls out all the stops as she follows All About Evie (2007) and Everybody Loves Evie (2008) with another winner!"Lynne Welch, Booklist