Reformed by Soap

Today I'm blogging over at Babes in Bookland. The topic? Cursing.


Olga said…
Beth, I've read it - awesome post!
sharon w. said…
Just read your article on 'Babes', and it was great. Your upringing sounds somewhat like mine; no cussing, watch your manners, especially around older people. Of course, I had to try getting 'sassy', with my G/grandpa, when I was 13, when I was as tall as he was. It was the last time I tried, he never raised his voice, or threatened me with the razor strap. He just clamped onto my shoulders, and shook me, just enough so if anyone had asked me my name, I couldn't have told them. He was a very wise man. (I have 7 G/grandkids, and I can imagine what it would be like to take over the sole custody of any of them, at the ripe old age 62, for grandma, and 64 for grandpa.)
The time's getting closer, Beth.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Olga! Thank you, Sharon.

Ah, yes. Respecting your elders. A biggie. I actually agree with that one. I mean your 'elders' have earned the right to be respected, doncha think? Sadly, it doesn't seem to be something parents preach to their kids these days. At least not many, anyway.

I got a kick out of your story, Sharon. Thanks for sahring. :)

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