Deleted Scenes and a Free Book!

The official release of EVIE EVER AFTER is March 1. Since it’s the third (and last) book in The Chameleon Chronicles, I’ve decided to celebrate the series by sharing a deleted scene from EVIE EVER AFTER and giving away one of my author’s copies of this book, every Tuesday in February! That’s one deleted scene and one free book each week for a month!

Please note that these deleted scenes are unedited. My editor never even saw these scenes. I wrote them and then cut them from the story for various reasons. But they all highlight Evie and where her head is at around the opening of EVIE EVER AFTER.

The fun thing about these deleted scenes is that they’ll give you an idea of my process. They’re not polished. It’s true seat-of-the-pants writing. Trying to get my footing in the beginning of EVIE EVER AFTER was a challenge. I set so much up in the first two books. I needed to hook the reader, but I also needed to bring them up to speed without boring them with too much back story. Yeesh! Talk about a learning experience.

Without further ado, here’s one of the openings that I ditched. And remember, these are first draft. From the point of view of Evie Parish . . .


It all started when I flashed my breasts. Seriously. No, I wasn’t vying for a metallic bead necklace. I wasn’t in New Orleans. Nor was I sunbathing on a resort beach where Europeans (and spring break babes) think nothing of going topless. That would have been the second time I whipped off my bikini top. The first time was on stage during an audition. A legit audition for a gig as a casino spokesperson. A gig I was more than qualified for and lost because I didn’t appeal to the casino’s demographic.
Meaning I was too old.
Washed up at forty-one.
Not that I’m bitter. Okay. That’s a lie. But at least I’m no longer devastated.
My name is Evie Parish and I’m a recovering professional performer. Sing, dance, act—you name it, if it involves musical or theatrical entertainment, I’ve done it. For a person with a strong aversion to your standard nine to five, versatility proved my salvation. Until I neared forty. Experience, talent, and versatility count for very little in a youth obsessed industry. Ask any mature Hollywood actress.
On that same note . . . love and commitment count for very little when one’s husband is more enamored with a young thing than the true thing. My ex-husband, who also happens to be my ex-agent, chucked me, and our fifteen year marriage, in favor of a lingerie model half my age. How cliché is that?
It gets worse.
Michael and Sasha are currently honeymooning in Paris, France—my dream destination, a place he promised to take me and never did. She’s also pregnant with his child. A bit of news I learned through the grapevine (my two closest friends Nicole Sparks and Jayne Robinson—also performers) because Michael was too chicken to tell me himself. Did I mention I’m childless because he convinced me we’d be happier just the two of us?
But I digress.
Where was I? Right. The day I snapped.
As fate would have it, the last gig Michael booked me on wasn’t your run of the mill entertainment gig. My skills as an actress were in demand, but instead of performing on stage for an audience, I ended up playing part in a sting targeted to bring down a murdering con-artist by the name of Simon the Fish. I botched my part and Simon ended up dead, but the good news is I rediscovered passion and purpose. I’m head over heels for a former con-artist of Scottish descent, Arch Duvall. I mention the Scottish part because his accent is to die for, plus it turns out he’s a baron. Seriously. Arch is the Baron of Broxley. Okay. So he purchased the title but it’s legit. So he says. That’s the thing about Arch, about con-artists, they tell you what you want to hear.

* * *

So ends Deleted Scene #1. Not even close to what I ended up using! But it helped me get there.

Now, on to the giveaway. Just give me a shout out here and you’re automatically entered. The winner will be randomly picked and announced next Tuesday . . . just before the second deleted scene and giveaway.

Thanks for celebrating with me (and Evie)!


Tori Lennox said…
Love the deleted scene! :)

You staying warm up there in Jersey? We're thawing out from the worst ice storm in history (so everyone keeps saying, anyway).
flchen1 said…
How totally fun--loved the scene, and I love getting the sneak peek inside your process ;) Thanks for sharing! Woo! Only a few short weeks to go...
Christina said…
I liked that begining!!! Can't wait for this book to come out! I saved the other 2 books so that I cen reread them before this one!!!
Cassundria Alexander said…
I've been dying for this book to come out. I can't wait to read it!!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Tori!

I don't know about warm. It snowed ALL DAY. But, that said, it's the first good snow we've had here all year. I can't imagine what you're experiencing. Yikes. Be careful out there.

Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed the scene!
Beth Ciotta said…
Fedora, this scene is about one of about five false starts for this book. I saved them all because I kept changing my mind and would sometimes grab bits from one to blend with another. But then finally 'The One, clicked. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Christina! I'm glad you liked that beginning, but hope you'll LOVE the actual one. :) As it happens I had to reread the first two before I WROTE the third one. :) I rarely reread my work after it's published, but as an on-going series, this time I had to. Actually, it was kind of fun falling in live with Arch and Milo all over again. Whee!
Beth Ciotta said…
Cassundria, your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks so much for the smile! I needed that!

Remember to check back next Tuesday, ladies to see who won... and for another deleted scene and book givaway. :-)
Nichole said…
I loved the deleted scene! I can't wait to read more. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I actually read the 1st two books in reverse order, oops! They were still great! I relate to Evie in the midwestern upbringing but the longing to break free and do something wild and unpredictable. I think I'll just live vicariously through her though!
cas2ajs said…
Wow! If that was the deleted scene, I know I'm going to really love the scene that actually made it into the book! Thanks for sharing with us . . . I totally enjoyed that.

Cheryl S.
Barb said…
I guess it would be pretty cheesy for your sister to enter this contest. Well... just call me Velveeta!
Amanda E. said…
Wow reading the deleted scene makes me want to re-read the first 2 books! Which I will before reading the 3rd one. Can't wait to read it.
sharon w. said…
Ah hah! Now I know why I've saved the first two books of the trilogy, and like the other readers, I can hardly wait for March 1.
The dropped scene is great reading, the writing process has to wear you out, but it's really worth getting 'frazzled'. Thank you for the scene, and the work.
krystal said…
Looking forward to the new book!
Lin said…
I love Evie and Arch! Can't wait for more! Lin
tigrisgalaxy said…
I cannot wait til the third book comes out! I started reading these books, because my name is Eve and thought "that is so cool! I'll read a book with my name sort of in it!" And I ended up loving it! These books are so great!
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm absolutely floored by how many of you commented. Your response and kind words mean the world to me! Thanks you so much and be sure to check back on Tues. 2/10 for the announcement of this week's winner, a NEW deleted scene and ANOTHER chance to win. :)
FeyRhi said…
I have mixed feeling about your upcoming release. I've been looking forward to it moments after I finished "Everybody Loves Evie" but then this will be the last one and that's a bummer.

But what is supa cool is Evie is going to be released on my birthday. So, now I know how I'll be spending my day. Eating cake and reading! LOL


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