Who Elected You Fashion Expert?

Seriously. I want to know. What qualifies someone to be an expert on fashion? I'm referring specifically to the people who make up these Best Dressed/Worst Dressed lists. Take the Golden Globes for instance. I didn't watch the award show because I was working full-steam on my deadline book. But, as someone who's always enjoyed seeing stars all glammed up, I, of course, looked at the red carpet pictures the day after on-line.

Why is this on the Best Dressed list?

And this on the Worst?

Is it me? Well, yeah. It is me. My taste. I don't dislike Heidi Klum's dress. It's quirky. I happen to like quirky. But I also like sophisticated and I think Mary Louise-Parker's indigo evening gown hits the mark. I'm truly stunned someone pegged her as 'Worst Dressed.'
For what it's worth, if I were a celebrity on style watch, I'd be in deep doo, because I loved Marisa Tormei's retro gown--also dubbed 'worst'.
Ah, well. Just a reminder that in all things (including movies, movies, and books) taste is subjective.


flchen1 said…
Wow, I'm SO glad I'm not a person anyone would be watching--clearly I have terrible taste! I, too, loved that gorgeous blue! And I'd hate for someone to follow me around snapping photos of what I dress like on a usual day ;) Eek! So true, taste seems awfully subjective! But I know what I like--keep writing, Beth! ;)
Mary Stella said…
I love both of the first two outfits, but think that the indigo blue gown is absolutely stunning!

As for Marisa Tomei, I like the retro funkiness, but agree with one commentator who thought it wasn't quite glamorous enough for the event. I also think her posture, or lack of it, had a lot to do with the outfit not looking terrific. I want to suggest that she learn to stand up straighter.
Tori Lennox said…
That blue gown is gorgeous! Whoever thinks it's not needs their head examined. Sheesh.
Barb said…
too funny- I hated the blue dress. I think it is terrible. Isn't this what makes the world go round?!?!
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm fashionably late (ha!) in my responses, but here goes...

Fedora, I hear you. Imagine having to worry about how fashion 'experts' were going to rate you every time you attended an event. No, thank you!

Mary, I, too, thought the blue gown was stunning. Although I think a more sophisticated hairstyle and a sparkly neckalce and drop earrings were in order. Also agree: Marisa's retro ensemble might've fared better with critics if she'd struck a different pose.

Tori--what you said!

Barb... you thought the blue gown was hideous? Really? Yes, indeed--subjective taste. It makes the world go round. :)
Olga said…
I also loved the blue dress, way better than the first one. Retro one looks good, but indeed not for such glamorous event. All in all, unless it's an obvious fashion oops (like combining red and green in one outfit), the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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