Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trolling For Self-Centered Thoughts

Apologies again for missing last Tuesday. I had plenty of topics, just no time!

Before I get started, as I write this, my profile photo is MISSING. I'm too burnt to figure out why. Hopefully this is just a Blogger glitch.

So, where was I? I mean really. Where was I last Tuesday?

First I got waylaid by the inauguration festivities. But that's understandable, right? So historical. So exciting. And yes, I shed more than a few tears. My name is Beth and I'm a sap!

Then I received an email from my editor saying she needed detailed info for a marketing meeting about the book I'm almost done writing. Pronto. I'm a slug bug when it comes to these forms and thus this became a four hour project.

Then there was the 'where's my career going' phone call with my agent. Another hour or more. But very inspiring.

Before I knew it, Tuesday had come and gone.

Followed, uber busy days at the library and nights devoted to deadline writing.

Before I knew it, a week had passed.

So here I am. Another Topical Tuesday and I PROMISED myself I'd blog a thought-provoking post. Only my brain is clogged with self-centered thoughts. Like . . . why do I look older in pictures than in person? And . . . Please, God, I hope I sound half way intelligent when that newspaper interview is released. And . . . The reviews for Evie Ever After sould start rolling in any day now--let the nail biting commence! And . . . Did my butt look big in the pants I wore today?

Ah, yes. The frantic musings of an insecure artist (and woman).

Won't you make me feel better and play along? My blog space is your vent place. Share a self-centered thought and make this woman smile.


Mary Stella said...

So many self-centered thoughts, so little time.

Why can't people accept reality when I explain it to them and stop beating a subject to death?

If I weigh the same that I did the last time I wore a particular great outfit and thought I looked pretty sharp, why am I so sure I look dumpy and frumpy in it today?

Why didn't I get the gene that likes to spend lots of time, and product, making sure my hair is perfect? No, why didn't I get absolutely perfect hair that effortlessly falls into place and looks terrific without blowdrying, styling, and gunky products?

Why . . . oh geez. That's enough for one comment! LOL

The word verification is blenti which means blog plenty

Olga said...

Self-centered thought? People should invent self-cleaning bathrooms. Seriously. Of course, a much bigger dream that a cure for diabetes would be found...

flchen1 said...

Hugs, Beth! Seriously, Olga, I'm all for self-cleaning bathrooms, but would love to see that concept expanded to cover the entire house and contents. Self-cleaning clothes would be especially convenient--what's this persistent laundry thing?!

And uh, do you think people are starting to notice that this is the x-th day in a row I've worn this exact same outfit or one that looks just like it?

Beth Ciotta said...

Ladies, those were some most excellent thoughts. Thank you for shring!