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Trolling For Self-Centered Thoughts

Apologies again for missing last Tuesday. I had plenty of topics, just no time!

Before I get started, as I write this, my profile photo is MISSING. I'm too burnt to figure out why. Hopefully this is just a Blogger glitch.

So, where was I? I mean really. Where was I last Tuesday?

First I got waylaid by the inauguration festivities. But that's understandable, right? So historical. So exciting. And yes, I shed more than a few tears. My name is Beth and I'm a sap!

Then I received an email from my editor saying she needed detailed info for a marketing meeting about the book I'm almost done writing. Pronto. I'm a slug bug when it comes to these forms and thus this became a four hour project.

Then there was the 'where's my career going' phone call with my agent. Another hour or more. But very inspiring.

Before I knew it, Tuesday had come and gone.

Followed, uber busy days at the library and nights devoted to deadline writing.

Before I knew it, a week had passed.

So her…

Oops! However...

Apologies, readers. I missed Topical Tuesday. Not did I cover with a Wacky Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday or so forth. It's been one of those weeks. I did, however, write my Sunday post for Babes in Bookland. Want to know something about me that I hate? Click here.
Meanwhile, I'll meet you back here on Tuesday with some nifty updates. I hope. Oh, hey. Did you see I added a widget in the left sidebar that offers a daily writing tip. I love that thing!

Who Elected You Fashion Expert?

Seriously. I want to know. What qualifies someone to be an expert on fashion? I'm referring specifically to the people who make up these Best Dressed/Worst Dressed lists. Take the Golden Globes for instance. I didn't watch the award show because I was working full-steam on my deadline book. But, as someone who's always enjoyed seeing stars all glammed up, I, of course, looked at the red carpet pictures the day after on-line.

Why is this on the Best Dressed list?

And this on the Worst?

Is it me? Well, yeah. It is me. My taste. I don't dislike Heidi Klum's dress. It's quirky. I happen to like quirky. But I also like sophisticated and I think Mary Louise-Parker's indigo evening gown hits the mark. I'm truly stunned someone pegged her as 'Worst Dressed.'
For what it's worth, if I were a celebrity on style watch, I'd be in deep doo, because I loved Marisa Tormei's retro gown--also dubbed 'worst'. Ah, well. Just a reminder that in a…

Grocery Woes

I don’t shop at my local grocery store all that much. Mostly because I don’t cook much. Who has the time? (Plus I’m not very good at it.) But when I do visit, I always end up calling my husband for help. Like the time I couldn’t tell the turkey from the chicken. It’s always something.

Sunday, I made it through my whole shopping excursion without calling him. No, wait. I called to ask if he’d rather have berry and granola low-fat ice cream or cookies and cream fat-free. (I ended up getting both.) But aside from that, I did okay.

Until I was in the check-out line.

I had all of the food out of the cart and on the conveyor belt thingee. The cashier was taking money of the person ahead of me. I remembered I’m supposed to use my super saver Acme card and reached in my purse for my wallet.

Only it wasn’t there!

I instantly pictured it on my desk in my writing room. I had taken it up so that I could renew some writing organization dues on line.


I loaded all of the food back into the cart while…