The Not-So-Impressive New Year's Salute

Good lord. Is it really almost the New Year? This should be a big post. A poignant post. A looking back on 2008 or looking forward to 2009 post. Only Tuesday snuck up on me. I was away for Christmas and then I came back and plunged back into the librarian-by-day/writer-by-night routine. I have a book due in less than three weeks. I'm behind. I'm stressed, but motivated. All time, energy, and creativity is directed toward the aforementioned book.

2008 is a blur.

2009 promises to be a blur.

I never keep New Year's resolutions, so why make them?

The ever-awesome Cindy Gerard is guest blogging this week at Babes in Bookland. Go. Partake in her wisdom and wit.

Harlequin now has guidelines for their new TEEN division. Check it out. I did. And yes, my wheels are turning.

My fave sitcom writer, Ken Levine, is highlighting some of his blog's year's best. Definitely worth checking out!

Although I'm not big on resolutions, as a writer, I'm inspired by J.A. Konrath's list. Wish me luck.

This New Year's Eve will be one of two in my adulthood that I am not performing somewhere--either as a singer, dancer, or emcee. The featured photo was taken quite a few years ago--a fun year--at a high-roller party given by the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City. The theme was Mardi Gras. I made the skirts you see here on Gwen and I. The tops are decorated bras. Victoria's Secret, no less. (I was much more adventerous in my youth!)

There were four of us girls total and we performed a choreographed number prior to midnight. Side note: Steve (my husband) was the sax player in the band! Small world!

This year I will be home. Alone. Steve has to work. If I can stay awake until midnight I'll watch the ball drop in NYC or some such stuff, and ring in the New Year with my dogs and cats. Most likely, I'll fall asleep before the big event--party animal that I am.

How are you ringing in 2009?

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous New Year!


flchen1 said…
Wishing you a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling 2009, Beth! Glad you don't have to work; sorry Steve does :( Take care!
Jen said…
Have a happy, healthy and productive New Year, Beth!
Beth Ciotta said…
Fedora, thanks so much. Wishing you peace and joy in the New Year!

Jen... Right back atcha! Wishing you a fantastic year!!

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