I Need Your Help!

I've joined forces with mega-talent Stephanie Bond to write a feature for Romantic Times BOOK reviews about the 'state of the contemporary romance.'

If you read contemporary romance, I would love your input. You can email your answers privately to: beth@bethciotta.com

1) If you enjoy my books, why do they resonate with you?

2) In general, why do you love the contemporary romance? (What does it do for you that other sub-genres--such as historical or paranormal--don't.)

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


Barb said…
1.) I love your books because they make me laugh out loud and because you make me root for the characters!

2) i enjoy contemporary because I enjoy putting myself in place of the characters. I would have liked to have lived during other time periods- but I can't really relate to it. Does that make sense?
flchen1 said…
Great answers, Barb! Beth, I'll have to think a little and e-mail you!
Olga said…
Awesome about the article, and I'll have to think what I can add to Barb's answers. What is the deadline to e-mail?

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