A Tuesday Ramble

It's Topcal Tuesday. But instead of focusing on one topic, I feel a ramble coming on.

First of, all, it's Election Day. I'm not going to talk politics but I am going to urge you to VOTE. Let's let our voices be heard, our feelings known! Huzzah!

Backing up a few days... November 1 was the launch of
National Novel Writing Month. Also known as NaNoWriMo. I've never participated. Just not my thing. But this year it came at a time when I was desperate to shove the internal editor off of my shoulder. After reading the concept page and then a kick-but past pep-talk from novelist Neil Gaimon, I signed up. Well! I've been more productive in (word-count wise) in the last three days than in the last two months! Also, I've rediscovered the joy and value of writing by the seat of my pants. To any other NaNoWriMo particpants out there--go, go, go!!

A few days earlier... Specifically, Halloween. I actually shared this on the
Babes in Bookland Blog on Sunday. Apologies to anyone who already read this, but for those who missed it...

First, let me say, that in preparation for the fifty or so trick-or-treaters that we had last year and the year before, we bought six bags of candy. Six.

We had five, that’s right, 5 trick-or-treaters. We’re still in shock. I can’t decide if it’s a blessing or a curse that we bought candy we personally like.

As for dressing up on Halloween… as a former entertainer, several of those years spent as a character actress, I’ve donned more than a few costumes. I’ve been everything from a showgirl to a mermaid to Sherlock Holmes to a bumble bee. I have costumes in my closet covering several decades. 40s swing dancer, 50s bobby soxer and prom queen. 60s hippy. 70s disco diva. Then there are the period costumes. Medieval, Regency, Edwardian, Wild West . . .

When you dress up for a living, you’re less inclined to dress up for the fun of it. You’re sort of over it, ya know? Or at least I am. Still, everyone at the library (my day job) dressed up for Halloween. I was going to go as a pirate, but then I noticed a Regency day dress in the back of my closet. A handmade period gown that I’d only worn twice in twelve years. I went as Jane Austin.

Or as my co-workers called me—Jane Awesome. Heh.

Patrons loved my costume. Or maybe I should say the women loved my costume. The men, it seemed, were more impressed with my Regency cleavage.

At one point during the day, I envisioned those museum paintings of the Regency women with their dogs. I envisioned a like photo of me in my gown flanked by my fur-babies, Cheyenne and Billie. When I got home, I begged Steve to take some pictures. He suggested the backyard. But our backyard is ugly. I insisted on the front yard. Only it’s not all that scenic either and the dogs were distracted. Steve only manged two decent pics before Cheyenne and Billie started going wild—barking and making general fools of them (and me) as someone walked by with their dog. *sigh*

So basically my beautiful ‘vision’ was a bust. Steve was right. Should have gone for the secluded back yard. Ugly, but no distractions.

Oh, and we shouldn’t have bought so much candy. At least I had fun as Jane Awesome.

So what about you? What's new? Ramble away. I'm listening!


Cynthia said…
Love the last photo. Great costume!

I'm doing Nano and am very surprised by my output. I haven't written much in the last month or so but wow, I'm on fire now. I think it helps to do have a group of friends to cheer you on.

Good luck with Nano
Tori Lennox said…
I agree, the bottom picture is fabulous!
flchen1 said…
Awesome photos, Beth! You have SO many talents! And so glad NaNoWriMo is working for you! (Yay for us!) Not too much going on for us--can't believe we're in November already! Turned in our ballots this morning, and yay! No line! ;) Trying to shake a cold--grr! Lots of good stuff to read though--just have to pick something!
Olga said…
The idea of NaNo is great, and I hope I'll get to join one year. And great costume, Beth! Here's to Jane Awesome!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Cynthia!

Glad you like the pics and costume. :) As for Nano, sounds like you are rockin' girl! Woo-hoo! I slipped yesterday, but aim to get back on track today. Also... I don't think I'm inputting my word count correctly at the site. My widget graph isn't showing my 'accumlated' wd ct. Bleh.
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, Olga, and Fedora, so glad you liked the photos. :)

I have to admit (even though I slipped a little yesterday) Nano is pretty cool. As for being into November...yikes! Where soes the time go??

Oh, and Fedora, for what it's worth, I have a nasty cold too. grrr. I'm off to make some chicken soup. I'd share it if I could. Feel better!
Cynthia said…
The word count widgets are a little slow in reporting, from what I can tell they are about a day behind. That's why I switched my monthly calendar to one of the mini widgets.

If your word count on the site is right, then you're doing it right.
Cynthia said…
Just want to drop back in and say that now that the Nano website has allowed searching again, I've added you to my buddy list. I'm "rose ayn" over there.
Penelope Marzec said…
I love the costume! I want one like it. :^)

Maybe next year I'll whip one up.

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