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Happy Thanksgiving!

Counting my blessing today and you are among them! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
Peace and joy,

The Woman Who Can’t Cook and The Man Who Loves Her

Have I mentioned before that I can’t cook? Well, I can if I have a detailed recipe in front of me. Or if I only have to nuke it for a few minutes. Truth is, my mom never taught me how to cook and I never asked. Then, right out of high school, I went on the road with a band and didn’t have the opportunity to cook. I ate almost every meal in one or another restaurant for eight years. By the time I settled down with my husband, I had no desire to cook and when I did it always turned out badly. He, on the other hand, is an excellent cook. So mostly I rely on Chinese take-out, nuke-able food…. Or my husband.

This year he has to work on Thanksgiving. I thought maybe we could go out to a restaurant later that evening. Only, guess what, he’d rather have a home-cooked meal. That would be great if he were the one cooking. But he’s not. Nope. I have been elected. He knows how awful I am in the kitchen and yet he’s willing to risk it. Is that love or what?

So, I’m at the grocery yesterday, looking …

Has Been vs Never Was

This is sort of a depressing topic, but an interesting one. While digging deep to connect with one of my characters, I wondered: What's worse? Being a 'Has Been?' Or a 'Never Was?'

Has Been being someone who followed their dream, achieved success, then for whatever reason fell from grace or out of fashion.
Never Was being someone who had a dream but chose not to pursue it--due to lack of motivation, lack of confidence or fear of failure (to name three possible reasons).
The Has Been lived the dream then had it ripped away. I imagine some people handle it better than others. Maybe they find joy in retirement. Or maybe they explore new passions. Then there are those who just can't let go. They cling to the past, hoping for a come back. They link their happiness to who they were, because, well, who they are now is just too dang depressing.

On the other hand, the Never Was lives with regret. What if I'd had the courage to go to that interview/audition? If only I…

Inspiration -- My Fickle Friend

I'm over at Babes in Booklandtoday blogging about Story Inspiration. If you're so inspired... hop on over!

What's Sarong With a Skirt?

Not that it will ever catch on in America, but . . . I actually find a man in a skirt kind of sexy. Is it me?

New Discussion Board!

Just peeking in to let you know I switched servers for my message forum. (Which is a seperate from this blog) You can get to Gabby Laneby clicking the tab at the top of this blog labled Discussion Boards.

Unlike the old board, this board doesn't have annoying pop up ads. However, if you want to gab, you have to register. It's no big whoop. Honest! No harder than signing up for a blogger name. I hope those of you who chatted at the old board will join the new board.

Or.... you can just lurk.

Hope to see you there!

A Tuesday Ramble

It's Topcal Tuesday. But instead of focusing on one topic, I feel a ramble coming on.

First of, all, it's Election Day. I'm not going to talk politics but I am going to urge you to VOTE. Let's let our voices be heard, our feelings known! Huzzah!

Backing up a few days... November 1 was the launch of National Novel Writing Month. Also known as NaNoWriMo. I've never participated. Just not my thing. But this year it came at a time when I was desperate to shove the internal editor off of my shoulder. After reading the concept page and then a kick-but past pep-talk from novelist Neil Gaimon, I signed up. Well! I've been more productive in (word-count wise) in the last three days than in the last two months! Also, I've rediscovered the joy and value of writing by the seat of my pants. To any other NaNoWriMo particpants out there--go, go, go!!

A few days earlier... Specifically, Halloween. I actually shared this on the Babes in BooklandBlog on Sunday. Apologies to any…