Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters

Today’s topic was inspired by a headline recently featured on my DIGG widget. I have to admit, the title got me.

Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters

How could I not check that out? I was directed to this link . . . which highlighted an article with another great title.

When Art and Knitting Needles Collide

Where I was treated me to pictures like this . . .

And what about this?!
A knitted pink bunny big enough to be spotted from the Earth’s orbit! How long did it take to knit that? How much yarn was used? What in the world was the inspiration? Was it a dare? A challenge? A lifelong goal?

To think I'd be thrilled if I could knit a scarf.

I have a weakness for knitted shawls and ponchos. I own quite a few. More than once a patron at the library has asked if I made it myself. I wish. I can't knit or crochet. I'd like to learn. But that would take time. Something I don't have enough of as is. Maybe someday. . .

Although I doubt I'll attempt something like this . . .

Nope. This is more my style . . .
What about you? Do you knit or crochet? If so, how long did it take you to learn and what was your most adventurous project? Got any Yarn Monsters under your bed?


Constance said…
Hi Beth- Thought I'd better visit more often! I knit socks, hats, mittens and scarves. It took me a year (yes, you read that right) to knit a passable sock. I had to find the method that worked for ME. Lots of trial and error, and learning to live with unperfect work. Now I can do socks without looking at a pattern. Much. Shows you how bad I wanted hand knit socks. :)
Mary Stella said…
I can't knit worth a darn. My grandmother tried to teach me and, frankly, I stink at it. I sequin well and used to be pretty good at counted cross stitch and needlepoint when I did it more frequently. Knitting and crocheting -- not for me.

Good thing I don't need scarves or gloves in the Keys!
Jen said…
I'm learning to crochet. I started with a book, and then asked a friend to show me what I was doing wrong, lol. Right now I've got two blankets and a scarf going. If I ever finish a project I'll be amazed.
Olga said…
The only thing to my knitting credit is an unfinished hat. Seriously, I don't have patience for it. I do love hand-knit things and have some shawls I adore!
Olga said…
The only thing to my knitting credit is an unfinished hat. Seriously, I don't have patience for it. I do love hand-knit things and have some shawls I adore!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Constance! Great to see you again! I am SO jealous that you knit. Socks, hats, mittens, and scarves--oh, my! The socks kill me. I don't think I've ever held/seen a hand knit pair. That's so cool. I bow to you and your needles. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, my grandma tried to teach me to crochet. I was pretty smokin' on the chain stitch. Only there's not much you can make out of a single chain--except maybe croceted shoelaces. Heh.

As someone who has beheld the beauty of your beadwork and cross-stitching, let me just say, you are mucho gifted, my friend.
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, I would be just like you. If I did learn, I'd start several projects. I just know it. So, tell me... can you read or watch TV while you crochet or do you have to focus on the one thing?

And now the really important question... what colors did you choose for your projects? :)
Beth Ciotta said…
At least you have a partial hat, Olga. I can't even claim that. Hey, is it complete enough to wear as ear mufflers at least? :)

As to shawls, I hear you! I LOVE them. I have quite a few. Some knitted, some more silky. They're funky, pretty, and warm!
flchen1 said…
LOL! Those are cute, but some of them do look a bit tricky!

After a disastrous attempt by my poor mom to teach me to crochet when I was young, I took a break. I did learn crochet when I was a teenager, from a bunch of books and some help from my mom at that point. I've made a bunch of afghans (those are pretty straightforward), but since most of them were gifts, I don't have any around. I've successfully made a couple of stuffed balls for babies, but not anything too fancy.

I've tried more recently to learn to knit, and can do the basic back and forth, but again, nothing fancy. I think I could manage something that didn't require accurate sizing :)

Socks and other size-specific wearables seem incredibly difficult, and I don't have the time or patience to try right now!

I do think crocheting and knitting are pretty relaxing though--and if you've got someone you "click" with who's willing to teach you/sit and help unravel any problems, I'd say go for it! I like when I'm doing something not too hard (like a blanket or some shawl things), and can do it and watch TV or something at the same time. (Haven't yet figured out how to read and crochet at the same time yet...)
Jen said…
I can crochet while I'm watching tv (which is its appeal -- I'm multitasking, lol) but only because I'm not doing any fancy patterns which would require counting (I kept losing count when I tried a pattern, lol) or switching colors. It's also helpful for brainstorming.

I've actually cheated on 2 of my 3 projects. I bought multicolored yarn (one is brown, purple, and pink) for one of the blankets. I think the multiple colors make it appear more complicated than it is.

I also bought a multi-texture/multi-color "yarn" for the scarf (it's actually got pink, black, orange and metallic threads and is topped with blue mohair.

The third blanket is just a simple blue.

I've also used different sized hooks and stitches, so they all look different.
Beth Ciotta said…
Fedora, I would be very pleased just to learn the basics--enough to attempt an aphgan or shawl. We have a knitting club that meets at the library. Any one is welcome. One of these days I'm going to have to make the plunge. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, all three of your projects sound delightful. Love the color and texture combos. :) Hope to see them some time.
Jewell said…
Knitting is beyond me, but I can crochet. I've done doilies, mittens, afghans, table cloths, stuffed animals, sweaters...a bit of everything, really.

Once, for my niece's birth, I even crocheted a carousel. Well, crocetched most of the elements then hooked it all together with dowel pins, a base, and other whatnots. It rested atop a music box so the whole thing would turn once wound. What a chore!

I "sort of" learned the craft from my grandmother. You see, when I was about four or five, she attempted to teach me how, EXCEPT, instead of yarn, she used doily string. Picture an uncoordinated child trying to handle that stuff! (Honestly, I think she was trying to find a way to get me to stop bugging her. LOL)

But it was the pure fact that I couldn't get it right that made me DETERMINED to do so.

Ah, the memories.
the green ninja said…
Those are awesome! So much better than a plain old scarf!

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