The Demise of The Blog

Is it possible? Could something that was so impossibly popular for the past few years no longer be in vogue?

My blogs (yes, plural) have never had a huge readership. I’m pretty clear on ‘why’ and that’s fine, but I’ve noticed a significant drop in my statistics over the past few months. I know part of this is due to my now posting once a week as opposed to daily. Actually, more and more bloggers are posting less frequently. And some blogs (some of them quite popular) are going away completely.

I know as a reader, I blog-hop far less than I used to. In fact, I don’t hop so much as crawl these days. I’m overwhelmed with commitments. I can’t justify spending an hour or two or even 30 minutes blog-hopping. It was a bit of an obsession before. Something new and shiny. Something I couldn’t get enough of. But now I’m sort of over it and I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of other people are over it, too. Hence the less frequent posts. Hence bloggers signing off for good.

I don’t plan on signing off. I like it here. But I don’t foresee my going back to blogging daily. A blog post should be entertaining or educational. I don’t have the time or energy to deliver either/both on a daily basis. I admire those who do. Like sitcom writer Ken Levine or novelist Neil Gaimon. It’s a gift, I tell you.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. The demise of the blog. Do you see it, too? Are you posting less? Blog-hopping less? The question is what are you doing instead? Are you hip to some new Internet fad? Please don’t say Twitter. Something bugs me about text-based updates like, “I’m standing in line at the bank.” And I care because? Maybe I just don’t understand the true workings of Twitter.

So… any new obsessions? Any forecasts on the next hot social networking fad? Or are you like me? Focusing on off-line obligations?

PS: Speaking of blogging... check out my Sunday post on 'Critiques' at Babes In Bookland!

PSS: Knowing some folks visit my website , but not my blog, I added a discussion board at my website. Unfortunately, so far, no one has been brave enough to chime in and so far I'm talking to myself. Even if only this once, please hop over and participate. That way I won't feel like a complete--ahem--loser.

Thank you!


Tori Lennox said…
You couldn't prove the demise of the blog by me, that's for sure. I still blog every day and make the rounds of fave blogs every day.
Beth Ciotta said…
Interesting, Tori. Thanks for chiming in. I'm really curious about this.
flchen1 said…
Me, neither... I still blog hop a ton (as time allows), and still really enjoy the format. I don't expect everyone to blog daily! I couldn't possibly keep up ;) As for Twitter, I don't--I just read in the WSJ about how some hospitals/doctors are trying it for patient/research updates and some other people are finding it useful for various things, but it doesn't work for me yet--the snippets just aren't all that compelling...
Beth Ciotta said…
Interesting note on Twitter, Fedora. Hospitals and doctors using it to update patients? I like that!
Roni said…
Interesting that you should bring up this topic Beth! I haven't visited for a while(I'm sorry--I've been busy with my "real" job and promoting the new book!) I hardly visit any blogs anymore. I just don't have much time. Yours is one of two that I've been checking, and even then, I don't check often enough (I just posted a reply to a blog you did the beginning of the month!). I think it's tiome constraints that are keeping people from blogs. At first, everyone read them, commented, and they were lots of fun. But I know I came to realize that they can eat up your tiime--and other people probably feel the same way.
But I love yours, so I will check it periodically!
Ellory said…
I read your blog - subscribe to it but since I get to it from my subscription on google don't always reply to you posts.
Olga said…
Beth, I'm one of those who blog-hops way less than I used to. I also discontinued my own blog (I thought I'd take a mini-vacation off blogging, but a temporary arrangement turned out to be a permanent one). I'm simply having less time than I used to. Yours is one of the blogs I still visit regulary.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Roni!

Ditto, ditto, ditto. I'm pretty much whwere you arefor the reasons you gave. That said, I' glad you still check in here now and then. :)

How's the promo going for your new book? Talk about something that takes time and energy. LOL
Beth Ciotta said…

I appreciate you coming out of lurkdome to let me know you read this blinkety blog. :) I do hope you enjoy the posts. All best to you!

Oh, try to hop over to my new discussion board now and then for informal chats! I'd love to hear from you.
Beth Ciotta said…
Considering your time constraints, Olga, I'm honored that you stop by here so often. As to your own blog, when the time is right to return, you'll know it. Or perhaps you'll decide to exercise your creative chops in other ways. Either way, I'm cheering you on!
Olga said…
Beth, thanks for the cheers. And that's exactly one of the things I like about your blog - cheerful and fun to read!
charleneteglia said…
I still blog (mostly) daily. I still visit blogs. I like Twitter, too, and I think the key is to say something short and informative and/or entertaining. It can be set to post a link to your latest blog post, or to update Facebook (or both), so you can tell everybody in your network you have a new cover, you just finished edits, or whatever.
Scott Oden said…
The blog lost its luster when Miss Snark called it quits. Now, I still keep up with my own a little, but no where near like I used to. It's not that I have so much else to do, either. The whole process makes me go "meh" more often than not.

Sad, very sad.

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