Anticipation vs The Deed

I recently ran across a video on You Tube called Top Five Hollywood Kisses. Out of all of these lip-locks, I was only familiar with one. All of them were hot, but not in a flat-out erotic way. Although they all sizzled, the quality that made my heart pound was the hesitation, the anticipation. So when at last their lips met—zowie!

This video maker’s number one choice is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a kiss featured in the independent gem Dear Frankie. What makes this tender, brief kiss so freaking HOT is everything that led up to the moment. I keenly felt this couple’s blossoming desire. Yes, there was sexual tension, but even more, there was a spiritual and emotional connection. You have to watch the entire movie to appreciate the passion and beauty of that single, heart-melting kiss.

This video maker's #2 choice is a movie kiss I'd never seen, but one that is now scorched in my brain. It's a kiss featured in North and South. Holy cow. The way he looked at her. The way he caressed her hands. And then . . . ZOWIE!
Another favorite of mine—not featured in the video—The Kiss between Cora and Nathanial in The Last of the Mohicans. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the kiss. The one proceeded by….

“What are you looking at, sir?”

“I’m looking at you, miss.”


She comes out of the infirmary. He’s watching her. Music. Atmosphere. No dialogue. No narrative. Just the two of them looking at each other. The long moment that passes as they meet and grasp hands… as he leads her to a darkened area, and . . . Can't. Breathe.
The anticipation leading up to that kiss is pure magic. The pay-off—steamy lovemaking without showing an ounce of flesh—priceless.

These kisses got me thinking about sexual tension vs explicit sex. What personally revs and romances me most 'in books' or 'on screen.' I've been reading Karen Marie Moning's FEVER series. They're not romances, but there's an attraction between the heroine, Mac and Jericho Barrons (whatever he is). The sexual tension has been building for three flipping books. The anticipation is killing me!!
It's one of the sexiest attractions I've ever read.
So what revs you more? The anticipation? Or the deed in graphic details?
What's the sexiest movie kiss you've ever seen? What's the sexiest attraction you've recently read?


Olga said…
Anticipation, hands down. And I watched the scene from "The Last of Mohicans" several times. Wow. That would definitely top my list.
Beth Ciotta said…
Olga, I watched that scene (and others like it) so many times, I wore out my VHS copy of Last of the Mohicans and had to purchase a DVD. That's pretty worn now too. ;)
warhammer gold said…
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