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The Demise of The Blog

Is it possible? Could something that was so impossibly popular for the past few years no longer be in vogue?

My blogs (yes, plural) have never had a huge readership. I’m pretty clear on ‘why’ and that’s fine, but I’ve noticed a significant drop in my statistics over the past few months. I know part of this is due to my now posting once a week as opposed to daily. Actually, more and more bloggers are posting less frequently. And some blogs (some of them quite popular) are going away completely.

I know as a reader, I blog-hop far less than I used to. In fact, I don’t hop so much as crawl these days. I’m overwhelmed with commitments. I can’t justify spending an hour or two or even 30 minutes blog-hopping. It was a bit of an obsession before. Something new and shiny. Something I couldn’t get enough of. But now I’m sort of over it and I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of other people are over it, too. Hence the less frequent posts. Hence bloggers signing off for good.

I don’t plan on signing …

Anticipation vs The Deed

I recently ran across a video on You Tube called Top Five Hollywood Kisses. Out of all of these lip-locks, I was only familiar with one. All of them were hot, but not in a flat-out erotic way. Although they all sizzled, the quality that made my heart pound was the hesitation, the anticipation. So when at last their lips met—zowie!

This video maker’s number one choice is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a kiss featured in the independent gem Dear Frankie. What makes this tender, brief kiss so freaking HOT is everything that led up to the moment. I keenly felt this couple’s blossoming desire. Yes, there was sexual tension, but even more, there was a spiritual and emotional connection. You have to watch the entire movie to appreciate the passion and beauty of that single, heart-melting kiss.

This video maker's #2 choice is a movie kiss I'd never seen, but one that is now scorched in my brain. It's a kiss featured in North and South. Holy cow. The way he looked at her. The way …

And then he....

It's Topical Tuesday. I haven't forgotten. It's just that I attempted and abandoned two posts last night due to lack of inspiration. I woke up this morning with an 'A-ha!' but now lack of time is the issue. I have to run to work. So...

Check back for my inspired post this evening. The topic, as it happens: The Power of Anticipation.

Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters

Today’s topic was inspired by a headline recently featured on my DIGG widget. I have to admit, the title got me.

Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters

How could I not check that out? I was directed to this link. . . which highlighted an article with another great title.

When Art and Knitting Needles Collide

Where I was treated me to pictures like this . . .

And what about this?!
A knitted pink bunny big enough to be spotted from the Earth’s orbit! How long did it take to knit that? How much yarn was used? What in the world was the inspiration? Was it a dare? A challenge? A lifelong goal?

To think I'd be thrilled if I could knit a scarf.

I have a weakness for knitted shawls and ponchos. I own quite a few. More than once a patron at the library has asked if I made it myself. I wish. I can't knit or crochet. I'd like to learn. But that would take time. Something I don't have enough of as is. Maybe someday. . .

Although I doubt I'll attempt something like this . . .

Nope. This is mor…

Juggling Projects

Roni asks: How do you juggle several (radically) different projects at the same time? Like, your new book, plus a proposal, plus revisions--3 different projects!

I wish I had a magic answer here. Some sage advice. A nifty time-management schedule. All I have is my personal chaotic process. For what it’s worth, here it is.

One thing I’ve learned about myself over the last few years is that I have to devote myself to one project at a time or it won’t get done on time. For a published author, making deadlines is imperative and if you’re writing two (or more) books a year, you’re going to have deadlines out the wazoo.

The only deadline I ever know for certain way ahead of time is the date I have to turn in a finished manuscript to my editor. The other deadlines—revisions, line edits, galleys—are always out there, but I rarely know far in advance when they’re coming and when they’re due back. I can’t mark these things on my calendar and budget my time and energy accordingly, and even if I c…