Dear Diary,

I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Once a week posts. It's not just the time crunch thing, although that is a huge factor. It's a lack of inspiration. Quite honestly, my life isn't all that interesting. That's not to say I don't have a few funny and infuriating moments to share from my day job at the library, but I won't share those because, well, it could get me fired. And I like my job, I really do.

As for voicing my religious or political views--not going there. Besides, like a friend's kid once said, opinions are like buttholes. Everybody has one.

So that leaves my writing life. I'm not going to post about craft, because my process is insane. I'm not going to share snarky thoughts about the biz. Not my style. I seem to whine a lot about being overwhelmed. I hate that I do that, because I have truly never been happier than I am now. I am grateful to be overwhelmed. I don't mind working hard. I'm a work-a-holic anyway. Of course I could always post about my dogs and cat. They're always getting into something, or puking up something, or doing something funny or infuriating. Now they're interesting!

Still, posting every day or even every two days is a time and creative suck. I need to channel my creativity into my books. I'm not out to win any blogging awards, but I sure do want to entertain readers. With my stories.

I've been here before. The old to-blog-or-not-to-blog funk. I don't want to go away but I don't want to bore readers either. Today I had to write a post for the group blog I belong to--Babes In Bookland. I write one post a week, every Sunday. Every week we're given a topic. Sometimes it pertains to writing, sometimes--like this week--on life in general. The topic provides me with inspiration. I'm considering taking the same approach here. Posting one day a week (the same day every week) on pre-determined topics. Of course, that means I need a list of topics. A long list. A varied list. This is where you, my oh-so-imaginative readers, can help.

Give me a topic. Any topic.

What's your favorite color and why?
How would you reinvent a career?
Boots vs Clogs
What's your typical day like?
If you could meet any famous person--dead or alive--who would it be?
Thoughts or advice on self-promotion

You get the idea. Topics on writing or every day life.

From the practical to the ridiculous, I'm open to all ideas.

Let the games, er, list begin. Save me from my boring self. Suggest a topic. I beg you.

*hint* If you're looking for some fuel, skim my bio.

WRITING: Working on the 'line edits' for Evie Ever After. One step closer to being a real book!
RECREATION: Last night Steve and I had pizza and beer with old friends. Great fun!
EXERCISE: Here's the thing.... once I got out of the routine, I lost my drive! Dang! Just have to get past these line edits....
DIET: At least I'm staying pretty true to Weight Watchers and holding stead at 15 pounds lost. Not that I wouldn't love to lose another five...
MOOD: Good
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity." --Louis Pasteur


Tori Lennox said…
How are the pups? :)
Roni said…
I've been absent because it was a busy summer--I'm so sorry! I'm going over some of your past blogs now. But here's a few suggestions to write about: How do you juggle several (radically) different projects at the same time? Like, your new book, plus a proposal, plus revisions--3 different projects! Also (and this is really off topic), how are you managing to stay on ww and NOT get hungry? I get so hungry on that diet. There's so few points I can have.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Tori! An update on Cheyenne and Billie? That would be my pleasure. Adding that topic to my new list. Thank you!

Waving to Roni! I know life has been a blur this summer. Thanks for taking the time to browse my blog. As always, you're so sweet. You've asked some great questions and I have added each one to my list. I'm noting who suggested what so I can give credit when I post about your suggested topics! :)
Olga said…
I also think the post about pets would be great, especially with pics. As for ww, I'd love to hear some dieting tips in general, as well as whether coffee and chocolate are actually good or bad for you, and maybe some recipes for delicious, cheap, and low-calories (there should be some out there, right?) dishes, with pics, if possible. Anything humorous is great, too! And maybe several contests in between?
Beth Ciotta said…
I can do all that, Olga! Great suggestions!! Adding to the list....

Have I mentioned how awesome you guys are?
Bob said…
I posted on your myspace blog first, and thought I'd post here, too, as it's busier.

In brief, write brief notes. Short stories that end in a question of some sort. Don't have to admit they happened at work. Could be "research."

The problem with the keep it short approach is that you'll immediately begin to think of multiple subjects that you'll want to wind into a mega-post. I hate mega-posts. Too much to think about.

My take.

Jen said…
Hey Beth, I've got a question. Do you think your background as an entertainer helps you get into your character's heads?(I guess Evie goes without saying, but what about the others?)
Beth Ciotta said…
Appreciate the input, Bob. Short and sweet. Leave them wanting more. I agree. Now if I can just do it. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Great question, Jen. Adding it to my list....

:) Cheers!
flchen1 said…
Hi, Beth! Once a week is OK by me! ;) I just like hearing what's up for you once in a while--I know it must be pretty hard for you to come up with something fresh each time, but it's just nice to have a snip of what's struck you most recently or something exciting happening or something boring--the mini-slice-of-life approach :) As for specific topics, I'll have to give it some thought and get back to you--not so good at that off-the-top-of-my-head (which may be why I don't have a blog myself...)

Glad you're busy and yes, when you're writing, you're definitely pleasing us readers!
Jen said…
Thought of another question: Do you notice any trends of book borrowers at the library?

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