Dear Diary,

Though disappointed, I was right to cancel my trip to New Orleans. Yesterday tourists were evacuated. Thus attendees only enjoyed one day of Heather's Conference (although I hear it was an awesome day!) before having to scramble for unscheduled transportation home. The good news is, my publishing friends are now out of harm's way. In kind, residents of New Orleans are evacuating as well. I wish them safe journeys and pray that their homes escape damage from the approaching storm. Rock on New Orleans!!

Although I missed seeing my writer friends this weekend, last weekend I enjoyed dinner and dancing with five of my longtime entertainment friends. Given our hectic lives, we rarely see each other anymore. But one friend was celebrating a birthday and another is moving to Vegas, so we just had to get together. This is us before we got all sweaty and tuckered out from four hours of non-stop dancing.

In other news, today I posted at Babes in Bookland. This week's topic: Reinventing your career.


WRITING: Worked on new WIP. Wrote two blog posts.

RECREATION: Watched an old movie with Steve. WAIT UNTIL DARK starring Audrey Hepburn. Excellent writing and acting Creepy.

EXERCISE: Uh... oops.

DIET: Made two weight watchers recipes. Chicken with Artichoke Hearts and a 4-bean salad. Yum!

MOOD: Scattered

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


charleneteglia said…
So glad you didn't go to LA, Beth! And I'm glad they're evacuating.
Olga said…
I was watching the news about the Hurricane Gustav, too. It's still frightening...
flchen1 said…
Beth, I think dancing with friends counts as exercise! Plus it's good for your heart in other ways! Glad you had a chance to get together and so glad you're not in LA :) Take care!
Beth Ciotta said…
Charli, even though the storm could have hit so much worse, I'm so glad they evacuated. Why tempt fate? Nature?
Beth Ciotta said…
Olga, I, too, watched Gustav. Kept clicking between The Weather Channel, CNN Live and while I was working on my WIP. I was *ahem* a tad distracted. SO glad it decreased to a cat 1!
Beth Ciotta said…
Good for the heart indeed, Fedora! :)

Taking care in Jersey.

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