Dear Diary,

The revision letter for EVIE EVER AFTER arrived. I nearly wept with relief. The requested revisions are minor, and not revisions so much as a requested additions. I've been MIA this past week working my way up to these. Today I'm prepped and ready to write those 'additions'. I will be MIA for three more days--deep in the Evie zone.

Here's the inspiration.....

WRITING: Completed a proposal for a new mystery series and submitted it to my agent. Thumbs up! Now I just have to write a few chapters. Meanwhile hard at work on Evie revisions.
EXERCISE: Powerwalked at the beginning of the week, but skipped the past three days to commit more time to revisions.
DIET: On target. Sticking with the WW plan!
MOOD: Positive
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!" -- Ray Bradbury


Komi said…
Terrific, Beth! Hang in there, and best wishes with all the writing and revising! Yay for us :)

--flchen1 (posting from someone else's account ;))
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you, ladies. So far today--eleven new pages written and still going. Ah, inspiration. :)
Anonymous said…
You're right about these two v-e-r-y inspirational gentlemen. We're proud of you keeping yourself focused. And, as Komi says, yay for us. Can hardly wait.
sharon w. said…
Sorry about that anonymous business, Beth, I pushed the wrong button.

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