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Dear Diary,

Though disappointed, I was right to cancel my trip to New Orleans. Yesterday tourists were evacuated. Thus attendees only enjoyed one day of Heather's Conference (although I hear it was an awesome day!) before having to scramble for unscheduled transportation home. The good news is, my publishing friends are now out of harm's way. In kind, residents of New Orleans are evacuating as well. I wish them safe journeys and pray that their homes escape damage from the approaching storm. Rock on New Orleans!!

Although I missed seeing my writer friends this weekend, last weekend I enjoyed dinner and dancing with five of my longtime entertainment friends. Given our hectic lives, we rarely see each other anymore. But one friend was celebrating a birthday and another is moving to Vegas, so we just had to get together. This is us before we got all sweaty and tuckered out from four hours of non-stop dancing.
In other news, today I posted at Babes in Bookland. This week's topic: Reinventin…

Beat it, Gustav!

In a perfect world, I'd be sitting on a plane just now--thirty-five minutes from touchdown in New Orleans. I've been looking forward to this holiday weekend for a very long time. Heather Graham's Writers For New Orleans Conference. A weekend surrounded by writers, publishing professionals, many of them close friends. I've spent the better part of the past week cramming for a workshop and a performance in a dinner theater show. My bags were packed--ready to go....

Then last night came the news of Tropical Storm Gustav. A projected path has it headed for New Orleans. It could hit by Sunday/Monday and it could be a category 3 hurricane by then. Last night LA declared a state of emergency and announced that they may evacuate New Orleans as early as tomorrow.

Or not. Depends on if Gustav changes directions or peters out. But I was scheduled to fly in this morning and fly back Monday. What if I flew in only to be evacuated the next day along with 30,000 other people?? Although…

Dear Diary,

Holy cow. It's flipping mid-August. How did that happen? In less than two weeks I'll be heading down south for Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans Conference. In addition to moderating a workshop, I'll be performing in a musical theater show written by Heather. I have a script to memorize, songs to learn. I need to dig through my multitudes of costumes and dig out a pirate ensemble suitable to my character Captain Grace-less O' Malley. (I'm a clumsy pirate. What fun!) Oh, and I need to organize promo items plus a giveaway--and pack!

In the meantime, although I did finish and turn in the additional chapters of Evie Ever After, I'm still in the process of a total read-through and tweaking. Due date: this week.

Coming up this weekend, dinner and dancing with best girlfriends from my entertainment circle. We're celebrating one friend's birthday and wishing another 'farewell' as she prepares to move across country. I need to buy gifts. I need …

Dear Diary,

The revision letter for EVIE EVER AFTER arrived. I nearly wept with relief. The requested revisions are minor, and not revisions so much as a requested additions. I've been MIA this past week working my way up to these. Today I'm prepped and ready to write those 'additions'. I will be MIA for three more days--deep in the Evie zone.

Here's the inspiration.....

WRITING: Completed a proposal for a new mystery series and submitted it to my agent. Thumbs up! Now I just have to write a few chapters. Meanwhile hard at work on Evie revisions. RECREATION: Zip. EXERCISE: Powerwalked at the beginning of the week, but skipped the past three days to commit more time to revisions. DIET: On target. Sticking with the WW plan! MOOD: Positive QUOTE OF THE DAY: "First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!" -- Ray Bradbury

Dear Diary,

I know. I know. It's been over a week since I last checked in. What can I say? I've been super busy and best of all focused. I finally finished the synopsis from hell. Woo-hoo! Submitted it--Yay!--then attacked the partial I needed to critique for a fellow writer. I rarely critique other people's work. Tricky business. But this was a special circumstance and I wanted to provide detailed guidance (along with inspiration), so that took a couple of nights.

Last night, I started attacking a promotional project that is loooong overdue. My newsletter. Confession. I have committed a promo sin. Two years ago, I started inviting readers to sign up for my newsletter and then never actually sent one. There are several reasons. Number one: Lack of time. I don't have a personal publicist so this would be yet another thing to squeeze into my schedule. The thing is I'm always going to be crunched for time and I'm trying to explore new and perhaps more effective ways of keeping…