Dear Diary,

Is there a word for someone who constantly changes their hair color? Fickle? Restless? Adventurous? Crazy?

Over the past fifteen years, I have tinkered with every shade of black, brown, blond, and multitudes of those combinations via highlights. Seven months ago I went auburn. Then Cherry. Than Hot Cherry. The next month I tried Cinnamon. And the month after that Mahogany. That one lasted the longest--three months. Yesterday, I had one of those--I need a big change--moments. So now I am cinnamon red with gold highlights. It's certainly... different. My husband likes it, so that's a plus. I'm undecided. I'm thinking the highlights are a bit too brassy. I want them to be more gold, but since I don't want my hair to fall out from over processing, that will have to wait until next month. Although that would be a look I've never had before--bald.

This time instead of trying a new look blindly, I tripped upon a makeover program hosted by In Style Magazine. It's free to register and you have hundreds of hairstyles and colors to choose from. You can also add highlights in various colors and tinker with make-up as well. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and you're off and running. It's an enormous time suck, but I was able to determine if I like myself better with or without bangs and what shade of red looked best with my skin color. The gold highlights looked dramatic, but I'm a dramatic kind of girl. Sometimes.

I just a had a thought. This would be an interesting way to get a visual on a heroine. Upload a photo of a model and visually build my character using this program. Huh. Anyway. Curious? Click here and give yourself a makeover. Have fun!

Okay. So is there a name for someone who constantly changes there hair color?

WRITING: Answered business emails and participated in an on-line interview. Worked on the still-not-finished synopsis.
RECREATION: Listened to an awesome Celtic CD during my power walk.
EXERCISE: Power-walked for forty minutes.
DIET: Weighed-in this morning. Week 7 of Weight Watchers. I lost TWO more pounds! Total weight lost thus far... 13 pounds! Woo-hoo!
MOOD: Pensive.
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." ~ Orson Welles


flchen1 said…
Smart? Creative? I sort of think of hair color as being similar to paint--you get a lot of mileage for something relatively easy to undo if you don't like it. On the other hand, I'm lazy and somewhat boring, so I've had the same hair color and face it, same hair STYLE (if it can be called that) for years... Hmm... cinnamon with gold? That sounds pretty, too... (you know, it sounds like the last couple of color changes have coordinated a bit with your blog color changes... just sayin' ;))
Beth Ciotta said…
Someone over on the eHarlequin boards just created a new word for me, Fedora. COLORAGEOUS. A cross between color and courageous. What do ya think? ;)

I like how you compared hair color to paint. Makes a lot of sense. As for you, I can't imagine that you're boring in any way. You're just comfortable with you color and style. Nothing wrong with that! And, ehy, you're right, my blog does reflect my new hair color(s). Huh. :-)
flchen1 said…
Ooh--that is a GREAT word! I like it!
Sharon W. said…
The changes in hair color seem to be just an extension of your creative/artistic self. I think it's great. And, as long as Steve likes it, or isn't put-off. Why not? And, the cinnamon, with gold highlights sounds good.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Sharon. Your conclusion that my adventures in hair color reflect my creative streak make perfect sense. Why didn't I think of that? LOL.

As for Steve, I agree. AS long as he likes it, what the hey? :-)
Nancy Henderson said…
I'm cinnamon now too. I do the same thing, even went blonde, which I wouldn't do again. It was too much upkeep. :)

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