Dear Diary,

For the next three days, I'm being featured over at Jennifer's Random Musings. Each day she's highlighting a different aspect of THE FALL OF ROME, including a 'Finish the Sentence' game with me, an interview with Rome, and a book giveaway. I'm hoping lots of people hop over to join the fun!

WRITING: I'm still in synopsis hell. It's going to be a fun story. I can feel it. I just can't seem to envision how the last portion will play out. Writing in circles. Ack!
RECREATION: Had breakfast and a 3-hour chat with 3 girlfriends I haven't seen in forever.
EXERCISE: Missed my walk yesterday, but nailed it Friday and Saturday. I'll be back at it today. The power walk I hated so much is beginning to turn into my recreation. :)
DIET: Even though I ate out, I ate smart. Veggie omelet and dry wheat toast. Good thing black coffee is zero points. I think I drank a pot!
MOOD: Cranky. Must finish that synop!
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A story isn't about a moment in time, a story is about the moment in time."-- W. D. Wetherell


flchen1 said…
Very fun, Beth! Hopping over to see what you and Jennifer are up to!

(And yay on getting together with girlfriends--sometimes that's really hits the spot!)
Sharon W. said…
Glad to see you're having some fun with friends. It may give you some more brain power for your synopsis. You have a lot of strength sticking with that synop until you get it done. Way to go.
Mary Stella said…
Sounds like fun promo, Beth.

Umm, B, when did you return to drinking coffee?

Good for you on those power walks!
Nancy Henderson said…
Big congrats on the 2 book sale! Yeah!!!

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