Dear Diary,

It can't possibly be mid-July. Wasn't it just yesterday I wondered, will summer ever get here? Now it's here and half over. Various writing obligations are mounting. Deadlines are approaching. Instead of only worrying about what's yet to be done, I'm trying to recognize and celebrate things accomplished.

In the first couple of weeks alone, my latest western, THE FALL OF ROME, came out and the reviews--thank goodness--have been awesome. I sold two more books to HQN (Harlequin)! Yay! I lost more weight. Woo-hoo! I increased my 30-minute daily power walk to 40. Ouch! I completed a two-part interview that will be featured at Jennifer's Random Musings and wrote two blog posts for Babes in Bookland. I completed 3/4 of a research intensive synopsis. I updated my website, created a presence at Facebook, and posted semi-regularly here, and at my blogs on MySpace and eHarlequin. Lastly, I created a really cool book widget through Adaptive Blue in hopes of advancing Internet sales. (I'll write more about that later as it's a really cool company and a nifty sales tool!)

And I accomplished the majority of those things after working the 9-5 day job. Not bad. Okay. Clearly, I am not a slacker, so why do I feel like I'm not working hard enough? Probably because although I accomplished a lot in the last two weeks, not once in all that time did I get to work on my WIP. Yeah. That's it. Although I've been writing, I haven't been writing. The synopsis doesn't count in my mind because it's working a whole different set of muscles. As is writing a blog post or article or answering interview questions.

I have to finsish this synopsis. Then I have to critique a proposal. Then I am absolutely diving back into my WIP.

Unless the revision letter for EVIE EVER AFTER comes first. Gak!

Okay. This is where I remind myself of what my friend Mary always tells me. "You do your best work in chaos."


WRITING: Completed a two-part interview.
EXERCISE: Forty minute power walk. It was so dang hot, even the back of my head sweat. Eew.
DIET: Weighed in this morning. I lost one pound! That makes a total of eleven pound lost thus far! Adjusted goal: Just to lose four more.
MOOD: Anxious
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule. " --Louis E. Boone


Tori Lennox said…
This time flying whether I'm having fun or not has gotten entirely too annoying.

I discovered this morning your blog somehow had disappeared off my blog feed. Weird. But it explains why I hadn't seen anything from you lately. *g*
flchen1 said…
How amazing, Beth! Sometimes a little pressure can help you do incredible things! (What was that saying about pressure creating diamonds or something like that?) Anyway, congrats on everything you've accomplished! And it's only the middle of July! ;) (Can't wait to see your interview with Jennifer!)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Tori! I hear you on the time flying front. Sending you a cyber hug. As for my blog disappearing on you feed, well, darn. Do you have me back??
Beth Ciotta said…
It is amazing, Fedora, but I do seem to work best--or at least productively--under pressure. ;)

I'll let you know when the interview runs at Jennifer's. The first part is with me, the second part with Rome, the hero of my latest western!
Sharon W. said…
You seem to be having a busy, very busy creative time of it, lady, and I think you like it like that.
Keep up the great work, both with the weight, and of course the stories, and WIP. Good going.
flchen1 said…
Oh, VERY cool! I definitely enjoy those character interviews! Thanks, Beth!

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