Dear Diary,

Talk about a rude awakening. Billie, who doesn't see as well as she used to, decided to join me in bed this morning. Hampered by arthritis, she's a little shaky now when she leaps onto the mattress. Her paw and nails plowed down on my left eye. "Ouch!"

I now have a red scratch under my eye. I'm just hoping it doesn't turn black and blue. I can hear it now.

"What happened to your eye?"

"My dog punched me."


In other news, since uploading my radio interview on my website and blog, I've been contemplating doing some sort of series of podcasts. I googled and found two sites of interest to me. NPR features podcasts on an array of subjects. American Writers showcase podcasts on different aspects of creative writng. I may actually get hooked there. Podiobooks offers free books via podcast. But does anybody listen? I guess readers who are attracted to audio books (and judging from their popularity at our library, there are a lot) might be interested in listening to some sort of podcast. But is it worth the effort on my part. I'd have to purchase the right equipment, learn how to use it and write, record and upload the podcast. That means investing time I don't have. Hmm. Me thinks this may be another one of my bright ideas that falls by the wayside.

P.S. Yesterday I heard from a few readers here and at MySpace who've already read The Fall of Rome. I hope they know how much I apprecaite their kind words and enthusiasm. It helps to keep me chugging on!

WRITING: Researched anthropology and added another page to the synop for a new book.
RECREATION: Watched the 1941 classic, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring Carol Lombard and William Powell. Clever writing. Stellar acting. Hilarious! And--shocker--this screwball comedy was directed by Alfred Hitchock!
EXERCISE: I'm going to get back on track this weekend. I swear!
DIET: Four weeks into Weight Watchers. Today I weighed in and... I lost two more pounds! That brings my total TEN POUNDS! I can't believe it. Ten down. Ten to go. I can do this!
MOOD: Positive
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Each step upward makes me feel stronger an fit for the next step." -- Mohandas K. Ghandi


Tori Lennox said…
*hugs* to you AND Billie!
Evo Terra said…
Hi Beth,

To answer your "does anyone listen?" question: you bet. Some podcasts have 10s of thousands of listeners, many have more than a thousand, the bulk has a hundred or so. So yes, they listen.

But... it sounds like you have lots of reasons why you may not be ready to start a podcast. My advice: don't. Podcasting does take a lot of time, energy and effort. If you aren't ready to make that commitment, I'd recommend holding off until you can.

Good luck!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Tori! Billie really did feel bad that she bopped me. :) So far, just the scratch. No black eye. yay!
Beth Ciotta said…

Thanks so much for sharing that information. 10s of thousands? Zowie! But you're right. My plate is overflowing. So I'll take your advice and hold off for now. Could be something fun for the future though!
flchen1 said…
Wow, glad your eye's OK so far--poor you and poor Billie! Congrats on all the good news on Fall of Rome!! And yippee on 10 pounds already!! Woohoo!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Fedora!

The area under my eye is a little tender, but no real harm done. Billie's already forgotten ythe incident. Heh.

Thank you for the cheers for weight loss and success of Rome. :) Have a great holiday weekend!

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