Dear Diary,

So far I've written three books about Evie Parish, a performer turned 'Chameleon' (a member of a government sanctioned team that thwarts nefarious con-artists). Two of the books have been released. The third will hit stores, Spring 2009.

Evie has two men in her life. A bad boy and a good boy. She's sleeping with the bad boy. She's tempted by the good boy. She's fallen head over heels for the bad boy--even though she fears he'll break her heart. Her gut says her heart would be safe with the good boy, but the bad boy holds it in his hands and, hey, maybe he won't break it. Maybe he'll prove himself the right, if not the safe, choice.

Or not.

I've heard from a number of readers who are rooting for bad boy. I've heard from a number of readers who are rooting for good boy. I understand both sides. I confess even I wasn't sure who was right for Evie in the beginning. I admire and like both of these men, but then I know things the readers don't. Things they'll learn in the third book. Even so... tough call. Evie's call.

It makes me ponder the differences in each of us. What attracts us to the bad boy/girl? The good boy/girl? Surely there are those who follow their head and those who follow their heart. I can imagine scenarios where both provide a HEA. I can also imagine scenarios where both prove disastrous.

No matter who wins Evie heart, some readers will be disappointed. Or, if I've done my work right, maybe not. Maybe everyone will be content. Hopefully. I'm just thrilled that readers care enough to voice their opinion.

WRITING: Over the last two days I wrote a blog post and two pages on my WIP, plus added info to my WIP Notebook.
RECREATION: You're kidding, right? No, wait! This morning I had breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen in months. That counts!
EXERCISE: I'm up to 15 min. on the bike, 35 ab crunches, 25 butt crunches, thigh exercises and various weight exercises for my arms.
DIET: Week Two (2) of Weight Watchers. Today was weigh in. I lost TWO POUNDS! Not as good as the first week, but still a loss. That brings my total to seven (7) pounds lost in two weeks. Pressing on....
MOOD: Scattered
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Whatever is done from love lways occurs beyond good and evil." Fredrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)


flchen1 said…
Wow! Talk about busy! And congrats on staying on track with the WW :)

I think you've got down a lot of the good boy vs. bad boy appeal, but I think what I ultimately want is usually a combination of the two--I want a good guy who can also be a little bad when the occasion warrants or I want a bad boy who has a heart of gold for me. In a story that can go either way, it's true that there will probably be people who will have their hearts set on one man or the other (the whole Plum series comes to mind), but ultimately if you can reveal the rightness of one relationship over the other, or how one fits the heroine's current place in life, then I think most readers will be satisfied.

Hmm... not sure I answered the question! Happy Friday!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the WW cheer, flchen1!

I enjoyed reading your take on the good boy vs bad boy appeal. You absolutely answered my question. Hoping others chime in with their views as well.
Jen said…
Congrats on your progress on all fronts Beth!

And for the record: GO MILO! ;-)
Anonymous said…
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