Dear Diary,

Last night I had a radio interview with Paul Ohlson, host of MPR Radio, a blog talk radio show sponsored by Medallion Press. My husband had advised me before hand not to try to be funny and not to giggle. I didn’t try to be funny but I think something funny popped out a couple of times. I didn’t giggle but I did laugh.

I also rambled when Paul asked me to tell him about my three historical westerns. Although Paul kindly swears I did not ramble.

I feel like such a goober.

Steve also advised me to be myself. Which I was.


Brave person that I am, I will alert everyone when the show airs.

In other news, reviews for The Fall of Rome are starting to roll in. So far, so good. Although in truth, I care more about pleasing my readers than reviewers. In an effort to spread some joy and maybe to promote a little buzz, I’m giving away four copies of The Fall of Rome. You can read an excerpt here. The official release date is July 1, but I have some author’s copies to share. The first four to express interest will recieve a copy.

WRITING: One new page of my WIP
EXERCISE: Stationary bike, sit ups, butt crunches, arm weights (30 minutes)
DIET: I cheated! I ate four baked tortilla chips! I’m still within my WW points but I sucumbed to a craving! Arrrrgh!
MOOD: Chipper (despite the tortilla chip debacle)


Cynthia Valero said…
As the first to have read, Fall of Rome, might I say that this reader thoroughly enjoyed it!

Love, C

(This does not count as a free book! Just posting.)
Cheri2628 said…
I am definitely interested! :)
sharon w said…
The first chapter of Fall of Rome, makes me very interested to finish the book.
Looks like another winner.
traveler said…
I am interested as it looks wonderful. Definitely a hit and best success.
ellie said…
The excerpt and the reviews gave me a glimpse into this unique and appealing book. Love this type of Western and the title is great.
Beth Ciotta said…
Great. I have my four winners! Thanks for your interest everyone. Much appreciated!

cheri2628, sharon w, traveler, and ellie... please send me an email at and let me know where I can mail your copy of THE FALL OF ROME!

And Cyndi, thank you for your kinds words. :)
flchen1 said…
Oh rats! Too slow ;)

Congrats on the interview, Beth, and yes, please do let us know when it airs! I'm sure you sounded like you--warm and witty and real!

Only a couple weeks to wait until Fall of Rome's officially out! Yippee!
flchen1 said…
Oh, and if you managed to keep your "debacle" to four chips, I'd say you're doing amazingly well! My slip-ups are far more spectacular (and not in a good way) than that! ;p So good for you!!
Beth Ciotta said…
flchen1... You're a doll. Shoot me an email at :-)

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