Dear Diary,

Who took my wings?

Last night I stopped tweaking the first three chapters of my newest tale. I pushed forward. I thought it would be a breeze. This is a fresh story, a stand alone. It's not sequel, so I don't have to worry about anything I wrote previously. The last two books that I wrote, The Fall of Rome (July 2008) and Evie Ever After (Spring 2009) were extremely challenging, mostly because each was the third in a trilogy. Lots of recurring characters and pre-existing threads.

Not so with this book. Everything, everyone is new. I do have a synopsis, but pretty much the sky is the limit. Spinning this tale should be cake, right?


I don't know these people! Well, I have a pretty good fix on the hero and heroine, but I don't know their friends and family. Where they hang out, what their houses look like, the layout of the town. I don't know their quirks or their beliefs. I've never been a big fan of character charts, choosing instead to fly by the seat of my pants. Wheeeee! But I've been writing so many connected books--hence knowing most personal details--that I think I've forgotten how to fly. Nooooo!

Regardless of this handicap, I did write three new pages. However, I also decided I need some extra fuel. On a whim and the advice of some dear writer friends, I recently purchased the WIP Notebook created by Jeannie Ruesch. You can read about it and purchase it here. Available in hardcopy or as a downloadable e-document, it's a fantastic writer's tool at a very reasonable price. I'm only a little way into it and I'm revved.

Hey, I think I see my wings! Eat my dust writer's anxiety and watch me soar!

WRITING: Wrote three new pages on my WIP. Started dissecting my characters and story with my WIP notebook.
RECREATION: Started reading 'THE ANGEL' by Carla Neggers. This new-to-me author is rockin' my socks.
EXERCISE: Stationary bike, sit-ups, arm weights, butt crunches (30 min)
DIET: I want an OREO!!! But I'm being good. Very good.
MOOD: Pensive
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Knowing a lot... is a springboard to creativity." --Charlie Rose


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