Dear Diary,

Yesterday was Steve's birthday. Let's just say my record for being the world's worst gift giver is still in tact. Doubly frustrating because he is the world's best gift giver. *sigh* We did, however, have a fabulous dinner at an eclectic restaurant. And because I've been extra good on the Weight Watchers plan this week, I was able to order a yummy meal. Although I have to admit I really wanted a pasta dish. Instead I went for salmon and grilled green beans. I'm being so conscientious. I swear, if I haven't lost weight by day 7, I'll be so bummed.

Every time I turn around these day Ashlee Simpson is being featured in some magazine or Internet blurb. I googled her name to remind myself why she's newsworthy. Or rather why she's a 'celebrity'. Looks like she's a recording artist. Oh, and she has a famous sister. I have to say, although she could be very sweet, like Nicole Richie and Tori Spelling.... I don't get it. And don't get me started on Paris Hilton. Is it me? Have I turned into un-hip fuddy duddy?

Don't answer that.

WRITING: Zip. But I did read the first eight chapters of The Fall of Rome in prep of a radio interview this Thursday. It seems like it's been 5 years since I wrote that story, instead of 9 months!
RECREATION: Read more of 'Tempting'. Listened to seventies R&B music and danced while cleaning house.
EXERCISE: Stationary bike, sit-ups, arm weights, butt crunches (25 min)
DIET: Still on track with the Weight Watchers plan. Yay, me!
MOOD: Restless
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "In order to be known and admired, they must have great virtues, or perhaps great vices." ~~La Bruyere (1645-1696)
BLATANT PROMO: I'm the Spotlight author (read the interview!) at Love Western Romances.


Tori Lennox said…
I have never understood what the big deal is about Paris Hilton. I find her incredibly annoying. Come to that, I find Jessica Simpson annoying too. *g*
Charlene said…
Beth, love your new format. I'm kind of in the same groove, trying to spend more time doing recreation, socializing, exercising. My evil plan is that all of this will feed back into writing. Or at least I ensure my friends and family don't forget what I look like. ; )
flchen1 said…
Uh, I guess you can count me in the old fuddy-duddy group then... I have never understood the appeal of Paris and her ilk... Bleh.

Anyway, happy belated b-day to Steve! Glad you could enjoy a meal out together! (And I totally hear you on the gift-giving... argh! I'm a "here's a gift card" kind of shopper :( )
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Tori,

When I heard Hilton speak on Larry King after she got out of that stay in jail, I thought she sounded intelligent and like she'd 'seen the light'. But all she did, as far as I can see, is return to her party liftestyle. Beauty, brains, and money. What a waste.
Beth Ciotta said…

I feel your pain! Cheering you on in your goal to 'have a life' outside of writing.
Beth Ciotta said…

I'm with you. From now on I'd do better to go the gift card route. I did do that partly, but next time...

It shouldn't be so hard to buy something meaningful for those we love, darn it!

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