A Weekend with The Girls

The weather finally turned warm and sunny.... just in time for the holiday weekend. I'd hoped to see the new Indiana Jones movie (I love Indiana!), but that will have to wait.
I'll be spending the weekend with my own fictional hero(s) writing the last few chapters of EVIE EVER AFTER. I'm pumped and in the zone, so it's a good thing! As soon as I type the end, I'm going to treat myself to a shopping trip and a movie. Then I'm going to settle in on the couch with my girls, Sadie, Cheyenne, and Billie and lose myself in a great book. I'm in the mood for a romantic action adventure. Any recommendations?

What about you? What are you doing this weekend?


flchen1 said…
Ooh! Happy writing! Sorry you have to delay seeing the new Indiana, but you could rewatch one of the previous ones to get back in the mood :)

As for other romantic adventures, I'm not much for recommendations... I have heard really good things about Ironman though, if you're up for getting out sometime over the weekend :)
Beth Ciotta said…
I own all three of the first Indy movies, flchen1. Hard to say which is my favorite. Watching one would certainly rev me even more for #4!

Ironman is a must see as well. Better get cracking with the writing so I can see these dnag movies! :)
Roni said…
Your three girls look terrific!
I recently read a great romantic adventure/suspense, TREASURE by Helen Brenna. It's a marine archaelogical romantic suspense, very well written. It was nominated for a RITA. You can get it at bn.com or Amazon.
charleneteglia said…
I'm working on synopsis/proposal stuff. : ) But also took time to see Indiana Jones, help the husband put up a gazebo in the backyard, and go to a family get-together. Fun! Good luck with The Book.

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