Stormy, but Productive Day

We're having one heck of a coastal storm. The window panes rattled so hard last night, it made it tough to sleep. The wind is still blowing--hard. The rain started this morning and has yet to stop.

The planters and patio furniture are strewn willy-nilly around my backyard. About an hour ago, the rain gutter on the back of the house came down, well, half way down. It's pretty mangled. Steve's going to be trhilled to see that when he gets home from work.

The phone just rang. I screened as usual. It was a public warning for our little island. Coastal flooding forthcoming. Move all vehicles to higher ground. Uh, oh. I pulled on a slicker and hurried outside to make sure my car was in the slightly elevated driveway and not the street where it had gotten flooded two years prior. It was. Thank you, Steve!

Currently, I'm sitting on the sofa typing away at the deadline book. My two dogs, who hate storms, are curled on either side of me. Wind blowing. Rain pouring. If nothing else, it's a great writing day.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


Charlene said…
I'm plotting. Have also been cleaning, doing laundry, and yard work. Plotting is easier. *g* Hope you don't get flooded!
flchen1 said…
Hope you stay dry! Glad it's a good writing day though :)

It's sunny where we are, but we're still stumbling about a bit jetlagged and overrun with piles of laundry... ;)
Jen said…
Hope you didn't flood!

I'm slogging through requested revisions and I feel like I'm walking through quicksand.
steve said…
It rained gobs here, so much that our long-standing drought is Officially Over. Gads, there was a river running through my back yard, and I'm on a hill, mind you.

Glad you came through it all right.

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