A Catch-up Ramble

Apologies for not checking in sooner, gang. I have a lot of balls in the air. I am not an expert juggler, so I tend to drop a few here and there. I recently answered several interview questions for an upcoming June Author feature at Love Western Romances. One of the questions asked if I had any tips for time management. Ha! In essence my answer was, my way is not the right way. Because the way I get it all done is by not having a life (read: gave up TV, hobbies, and all social activities) I seriously do not recommend this approach. I hope to amend my ways soon. Working on the how.

Tonight I have an over-the-phone chat scheduled with my HQN editor's book club. They're reading ALL ABOUT EVIE and she thought it would be fun if they could ask me questions about the book. Since I can't be there in person, we're going to try it over the phone. This will be a first for me. I'm looking forward to it though. A chance to chat about Evie, Arch, and Milo? You bet, I'm in!

Things at the day job have been a bit intense as we're gearing up to learn an entire new computer program for the library system. It's complicated, but I know I'll get it. My brain hurts a little and I find myself grumbling, what was wrong with the old way, even though I know the new way is much more efficient. What can I say? When it involves technology, I am not a fan of change.

I am THIS close to finishing the deadline book. Yes, the same deadline book I've been talking about for months. Don't ask. But I'm ALMOST there. And it's going to be great. No, it is. Really.(Ah, the power of positive thinking!)

I got my hair colored the other night. This month's flavor: Mahogany.

I have a new book coming out in July! THE FALL OF ROME is the third tale in my Wild West Adventure series. It was a bear to write but I love how it came out. I recently received my first review and I'm thrilled to announce it's a good one! "Ms. Ciotta brings her characters to life with perfect pitch dialogue and emotional realism while keeping the action fast-paced and the humor flowing!" Five Spurs! -- Carol, reviewer for Love Western Romances

Click here to read an excerpt.

There's also something brewing for June, which, holy smokes, is just around the corner. Due to popular demand my debut contemporary book, JINXED, is going back to print. It's been out of print for almost a year, but we heard from so many readers (thank you!) who were eager to get their hands on a new copy that Medallion Press took action. New copies should be available as early as June 1st. JINXED is an award winning book and the first in my 'friends and lovers' trilogy. Click here to read an excerpt.

Meanwhile I'm hearing from more and more readers who've just finished EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE and are anxious to know when they can get their hands on Evie's next adventure. EVIE EVER AFTER is slated for Spring 2009. I know it seems a long way off, but it'll be here before we know it. I hope to have the cover to share with you soon. I saw a preliminary mock up and it was sexy and magical! Can't wait to see the finished product. Meanwhile I'll be working on a brand new contemporary. Not at liberty to talk about it just now, but I'll fill you in as soon as I can. I know. Such a tease. But exciting things are in the future!

I won't be posting for the next few days. My head will be deep in the deadline book. Almost. There. Have a fantastic holiday weekend. Any special plans? A picnic? A movie? A reading marathon? Be safe and have fun!


Cynthia Valero said…
Congrats, B, on all of those wonderful books and exciting things to look forward to!

Love, C
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you, C! Good times. Good times. :)
flchen1 said…
Woohoo! So much good news, Beth! That is AWESOME that Jinxed is going back to print--hooray! And yay on the new books coming out! Some things to look forward to :)

I'm sure you'll have a blast on the phone--who wouldn't want to have the chance to talk with an author!!??
Beth Ciotta said…
Flchen1, as always you make me smile! As to the phone chat, I just concluded that an it went very well. What fun!
flchen1 said…
One thing I forgot to mention yesterday--I love that your "flavor of the month" is mahogany. What a lovely word--it sort of rolls of the tongue bringing to mind this warm, rich, color and I imagine it's quite a lovely to see, too! And so glad that the chat went well! It's terrific when technology helps us to enjoy experiences more--like being able to talk with you enriched the readers' appreciation of the book :) Have a great rest of the week!

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