The Picture That Never Was

Everyone keeps asking if I'm going to share the picture that Barbara Vey took when we tripped upon the filming of Law and Order SVU on location in Grand Central Station. I physically whipped Barbara around (poor thing). "There's Christopher! So close. Take his pic. Quick!"

She tried. But the assistant director stepped in her path and barked at us before she could snap the shot. "No flash!" he yelled.

Okay, okay. It's not like the camera was rolling. They were in between takes. But whatever. Being the good and polite mid-westerners that Barbara and I are, we apologized and scurried away.

So, sorry. No picture of Christopher Meloni. Well, except for this one that I found on line. Watch. I'll get in trouble for posting it. "No posting without permission!"

Hurry and enjoy before I'm forced to remove it or before they haul me off to jail or some such. The things I do for you. Jeesh.


Jen said…
Aw, that's disappointing.

Though you've made up for it! ;-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the reprieve, Jen. LOL Actually I found a KILLER picture of Christopher on his website but there actually was a very strict copyright statement. Dang. Because it was reeeeally sexy. :)
Melanie Atkins said…
Tons of CM pics here: ... he's my favorite actor, hands down, and I'm sure that if I had been with you, I would have been arrested. LOL
Mary Stella said…
That's too funny, Beth! I'm sorry that I had walked ahead of you and Barbara. I could have blocked traffic while she got the shot.
flchen1 said…
Oh Beth, smooches! We DO appreciate everything you go through for us, really we do! And please, don't go to jail! (Unless maybe it's a cushy one where you can just have tons of time to write in comfort... ;)) That's a shame about the photo though--boo!

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