O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

During one of our long walks in London (we love to walk there), we passed Shakespeare's Globe Theater. The original theater burned down long ago, but it was reconstructed to look exactly like it.
We've toured the Globe before, although I've yet to catch a Shakespearean performance as we're always in London during the off season. Someday...

Although we were on or way to somewhere else, I did ask Steve if I could just pop in the gift shop. There I fell in love with some art that I'd never seen before. In particular, a stunning print of Romeo and Juliet. It was a 'have to have this' moment. I cringed when I saw the price. No doubt marked up for the Globe, plus the American dollar was at a low. I moved on in my browsing, and what do I see? Steve carrying to the print to the cash register! (So sweet!)

I am now the proud owner of this beautiful print of an original watercolour and inkwash drawing by Elizabeth E. Schuch--signed by the artist! (Ignore the faded Immortal markings. That's from the website)
"See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!"

I found the website after I got home. The prices are much more reasonable via this route. The art is beautiful. I think I'm going to start a collection, 'Shakespeare' next. Go browse the beauty at Immortal Longings.


Julia Templeton said…
Gorgeous print, Beth! I'm so glad Steve bought it for you. What a sweetie!
Beth Ciotta said…
I knew you'd like it, Julie. :) And, yes, I'm a very lucky gal!
What fabulous blog entry! I'm blushing.
~Elizabeth E. Schuch
Beth Ciotta said…
I just got a rush! I can't believe THE artist commented here. I adore your work, Ms. Schuch. Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty with the world.


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